Finding a Health-Care Professional

The concept of self-health care is fairly straightforward: You manage your own health. But sometimes along life’s journey you need advice or treatment. This is when finding a good health-care professional may be helpful. Good health-care professionals are in great demand because there are too few of them. The first thing to do when seeking a health-care professional is to ask around.

Mention to your friends or relatives that you’re looking for a certain type of health-care professional. This may be a nutrition-oriented practitioner, massage therapist, chiropractor, medical doctor or any number of different professionals with various expertise.

A good place to start is with what used to be called a “general practitioner,” now called a family physician. He or she may be a medical doctor, osteopath or other professional who is knowledgeable in treating the whole person.

If more specific care is needed, this person should also have the ability to refer you to a specialist. Once you have a name you can find out more by talking with current patients. Find out what they like and dislike about the professional they see.

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The important questions include those about how much time is spent on typical visits, if questions were adequately answered, and if the professional took the time to treat the person as an individual rather than a number. Also seek out information about philosophical compatibility — you don’t want to work with someone who is opposed to how you have chosen to live your life.

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