FIFA in the line of ESports

In the modern world, online gaming has been the keen interest of youth. FIFA is also included in ESports now. Teams are formed and the players are split between Xbox and PlayStation. Real แทงบอล clubs are also in this field now. They have their own ESports branches. Here are a few of the best football clubs along with their rankings and players.

RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig ranked 22nd with 651.3 points. The club consists of five players. Out of these five, Der_Gaucho10 plays Xbox whereas Umut, Lena and Verjgang play on playstation. Fehrminatior plays both Xbox and playstation.

These are the emerging kids who made their place in the Bundesliga and took a short time to compete for the league titles. The team captain Der_Gaucho10 stood 35th on Xbox in Europe. Umut stood 17th in Europe on PlayStation. Lena became the first woman and made history by playing in the virtual Bundesliga. Recently they added Anders. He has been attributed by the title of the upcoming Messi.

Man city

Man city stood 16th in the overall ranking by securing 751 points. The team consisted of Shellzz and Ryan. Shellzz plays on PlayStation while Ryan plays Xbox. Ryan first played for Man City in 2019; there he joined hands with Shellzz and played the Quarter-final. Shellzz joined Man City in 2018 and is considered as the main player of man’s city ESports team. He has represented the club three times in club world cups and once in a premier league.

In ESports, Man City is the best English club. Unluckily, Ryan and Shellzz could not make it into the knockout stages in the 2021 FIFA Club World Cup. Both Ryan and Shellzz are confident and outstanding players of the club.

AC Monza

AC Monza, with 867 points ranked 12th in the overall ranking. This club consists of two Italian players, Er_Caccia98 and Nzorello. Both of these players play on PlayStation. Er_Caccia98, who’s 12th in the rankings, joined the club in 2017. The club formed its team in 2017 for the first time. Later, Nzorello joined him, who’s 44th in Europe.


With 898 points, Schalke got no. 11 in the overall ranking. This team is composed of three players. These are Tim Latka, Juli, JH7. Juli plays on Xbox whereas Tim Latka and JH7 play on PlayStation. All these three players are prominent

In the virtual Bundesliga, Schalke struggled by finishing at no. 11 out of 13. Despite all this, their ranking on FIFA 21 is still high. Juli and JH7 are also facing difficulties in the 2021 FIFA Club World Cup.

FC Basel

With 1026.3 points, FC Basel ranked no. 7 in the overall rankings. There are a total of 4 players in the team. SpiderKong plays Xbox while Lubo, Dufty and Nicolas 99FC play on PlayStation.

FC Basel is a well-known club in Switzerland and has won the Swiss Super League 20 times. Recently, they won the Swiss national league for FIFA. It is also the top-ranked  European football club in FIFA 21. FC Basel is one of the top five teams that participated in the most recent FIFA Club World Cup.

These are the top five teams in the realm of ESports football clubs. All the teams have the expert players of the time with them and we can see each player trying to prove themselves as the best in the tournaments.

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