FIFA 23: Winter Wildcards Team 1

The Winter Wildcards promo is back in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, ready to replace World Cup promo, with the World Cup Tournament team roster being the last campaign.

By giving selected players buffs and fixing some stats, the event also saw the comeback of the Winter Wildcards Swaps! Stay tuned for Winter Wildcards right here as we will keep you posted. The Winter Wildcards starts early in Ultimate Team with the WW Swaps Campaign kicking off Monday, December 19th at 13:00 ET / 18:00 GMT.

Some of special cards will be featured in the packs on Friday, December 23, again at 13:00 ET / 18:00 GMT, taking over the TOTT side. The promotion will last for 2 weeks, with Team 1 remaining in packs for one week before being replaced by Team 2 on Friday, December 30th, which made it impossible to take advantage of the popular FUTmas promo.

As usual, new players will spawn through packs, SBCs, and Objectives, with random updates released. All of them will receive a general buff, but some may have a card change, a change in position, an improvement in movement skill or a weak leg, or a change in dominant leg. We’ve already seen the Winter Wild Card Trades released: 25 tokens are offered through Challenges and SBCs, and bonus tokens are said to be earned through Packs in the FUT Store. U7BUY has prepared the holiday discounts for you, you can now buy cheapest fifa coins at lower prices.

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