Factors to Consider When Buying a Chips Display Warmer

Chips vending is among the most profitable businesses in Kenya. Many people are venturing into chip vending with the chip display warmer becoming more common daily.

Furthermore, it has developed and improved from using plastics and polythene bags used to hold and display unhygienic foodstuff.

The high-quality chips display warmers offer ideal solutions for chip vendors. Apart from helping keep food warm, it provides a hygienic environment and offers an appealing display to customers.

As a chips vendor, there are several factors to consider before buying a chips display warmer for your business.


Ensure that you purchase an appliance made of durable material, i.e., steel. It ensures that it can serve you for a long duration before you decide to replace or repair it.

Business Needs

If the business attracts many customers, it will be prudent to consider buying a larger chips display warmer to serve all your customers sufficiently. Unlike when you are starting, when your business has expanded, it is more likely that you will have more customers at your disposal.


You must ensure that the cost of the appliance matches and is friendly to your pocket and the business generally. You cannot buy an expensive appliance if your business is still tiny.

The chips display warmer price in Kenya differs from one seller to another. Thus, it would help if you prefer an affordable and reputable seller.

Brand or Model

The market is made of diverse types of chip display warmers. Brands do come with specific features that may come as an advantage. An example is a warranty. Most brands come with warranties that come in handy if your appliance spoils. It will be good to get a replacement at zero cost.


Their chip display warmer comes in different distinct sizes:

  1. Large size (flat or galvanized)
  2. Medium size (flat or galvanized)

Key features of a chip display warmer

  • Power rating of 220 – 240 V per 1kW 50.60Hz
  • Most come with a warranty
  • It has an automated heating element that controls temperature during the warming. It keeps chips fresh and warm.
  • Accommodates temperatures of between 30 degrees Celsius and 100 degrees Celsius
  • Imported varieties have racking shelves that help maintain the temperature even in conditions.

NOTE: Most chip display warmers are durable and stainless glass and steel. It increases their durability and prevents rusting.

The durable glasses materials are meant for display purposes; thus, you can attract customers vehemently. You can slide open glass doors on the side to enable you to serve customers efficiently. The toughened glass makes it more durable.

Sometimes, the greater the display areas, the higher the demand for the chip display warmers.


With the purchase of the chips display warmer, chips vendors will likely attract many customers because of the hygiene and appealing attraction. This article comes in handy as an essential asset of reference.

Therefore, it is recommended for your business as an ideal solution that will help you decide on the purchase of a chips display warmer.

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