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UFABET provides comprehensive online gambling services round the clock. As a bettor, you can explore various services like online football betting, online casino, boxing betting, basketball betting and slot games all at the best price.

Treat for the football fans:

A complete service is available within the website from streaming high definition (HD) football games to football betting. You can start placing your bets at a minimum of 10 baht. Slips are not required for booking. The minimum starts from 2 pairs and extends to 12 pairs.

Enter the world of online casino at UFABET:

Become a Jack in card games:

Baccarat is the most famous card games available at every casino and even online. As it is played in many places all over Asia, a large number of people in Thailand who play Baccarat are increasing tremendously. It consists of six to eight decks of cards with each deck having 52 cards. In total, the number of cards ranges between 312 – 416 cards.

You can play baccarat in various methods. UFABET offers to bet on baccarat in love casino games and table baccarat games. You can choose the one which you like. There are also other varieties of baccarat like speed Baccarat, baccarat insurance, Contract cow Baccarat and a few more available for our gamblers. Online baccarat is also available to play through mobile phones at your convenience.

Online Roulette at UFABET:

Proceeding next to Baccarat, the famous game on the list is the online Roulette. It works much like the offline game. The difference is that, at the casino, it is played by the bettor spinning the wheel. Whereas, online at UFABET, the game has a random number generator software that determines the position of the ball landing each time. You will be required to place your bets at your desired board number. In the event of the ball landing at your number, or in its range, you win.

Spin the Wheel of fortune: The luck wheel also known as the Wheel of fortune is a Chinese dice game based on Hoo Hey How. Every game here is only fair play and you need not worry about being cheated.

Online slots:

Any gambler would be familiar with this game. An online slot machine consists of a random number generator (RNG) that creates random sequences each time a player spin. A variety of slot machines vary based on symbols they have and the return-to-player (RTP) rate. You can go through the paytable to have an idea of the slot machine. At UFABET, we have the highest payout jackpot in Thailand.

And achieving a bonus in online slot games allows you to try out a free spin or you might win exciting prizes!

Slot games as easy to play just with a mobile phone. Try the wide range of 3,000 slot games waiting for you. Set a budget and start spinning at UFA Slot.

Online Fantan:

Fantan or Fan Tan at UFABET is a traditional Chinese game like the Wheel of Fortune. You will be asked to place a bet on the number of beads that will remain after an action. The action is that a dealer would divide all the beads into groups, each containing four beads along with an additional block of chopsticks.

If the final count of the remaining beads coincides with your guess, you win the game.

Dragon tiger at UFABET:

Tiger dragon or Dragon Tiger is a Chinese game mostly found in Asian Casinos. It represents the battle between two powerful beasts in ancient Chinese mythology. It’s a game played fast by the players. As a gambler, you will be asked to place bets in three available options either the Tiger or the Dragon and add blocks. Your luck lady must be on your side to make you taste the victory of this game.

It is also played in the format of card games on the name of Dragon Tiger card. UFABET is the leading online card game provider website fulfilling the desires of our card game lovers.

Aim the fish:

UFABET’s Fish Shooting Game is a graphically designed interesting game to soothe the players. It is a simple game that allows the gambler to shoot the fish to death to elevate the amount of real cash they will be winning at the end of the game. It is a go-to game especially for new players to start turning into a gambler.

Sic Bo online:

Sic Bo, also popular as Sic Bo is an online UFABET game that has a separate fan base of gamblers all over Asia. It is played using three dice, each consisting of 6 sides. The sides of the dice denote the points from one to six. Players can place their bets on top of the three dice. Players win when the dice points to the desired outcome. You can try this popular dice shake game by logging in through the UFABET website.

UFABET Online Lottery:

What’s so special and unique about the lottery in UFABET is that there are no locked numbers, many members can win lotteries and it has a very favourable pay rate. UFABET offers two kinds of lottery service, the Thai lottery and the foreign lottery.

Other major mentions:

Apart from the games and betting there are other exciting events like betting on boxing, especially Thai boxing, volleyball, horse racing and various motorsports like car racing and bike racing. There are even leagues conducted for these games which make the event more fascinating.

Join UFABET today:

With the transaction services provided by over six leading banks of the world, you as a gambler need not focus on the security of your cash. All you have to do is, enrol for a membership at UFABET and start betting. Our website helps you play with a desktop computer, tablets or even a mobile phone.

Our services cater to the elevating number of gamblers with a trustworthy set of rules and regulations we follow. Log in to experience what you’ve read in this blog!