EXANTE Broker Donates $1m to Ukraine

The wealthtech company EXANTE has just donated a million dollars to UNICEF in support of education programmes in the Ukraine and you can know more here: https://kruthai.com/read-blog/96218. The donation will help meet the immediate needs of children living in the country. If you’re interested in learning more about EXANTE, keep reading. We’ll explain how MiFID compliance helps your investments, and more. In the meantime, read up on the company’s trading platform, MiFID compliance, and more.


A Cyprus-based international brokerage, EXANTE Broker, has donated $1 million to UNICEF to help provide life-saving aid and education to children affected by the Ukraine conflict. The donation was prompted by the recent crisis in the region and will allow the organization to better meet its goals. The company is especially concerned about the plight of children and the impact of the conflict on young people.

As a member of the UN Global Compact, EXANTE is deeply concerned with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, and the plight of children there. As an EXANTE Broker, we believe that we can’t change the current situation. However, we can do our part to help the children affected in Ukraine. The organization’s work is critical, and we are proud to support them.


A new charity is set up to help children in Ukraine, and one such charity is EXANTE Broker. The wealthtech company has donated $1 million to UNICEF to help meet the immediate needs of children in the country. The funds will be used to provide the necessities of life, as well as support education and child protection programs. Fortunately, this company isn’t the only one supporting children in the region.

This donation is one of several recent examples of the company’s commitment to helping kids in conflict zones. EXANTE Broker has made a $1 million donation to UNICEF, which is dedicated to helping children affected by natural disasters. This money will help UNICEF provide vital services to children in crisis areas like Ukraine. This donation will help UNICEF continue its work on the ground to ensure the safety of displaced children in the country.

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The global wealthtech firm EXANTE has donated $1 million to UNICEF. This donation will support the urgent needs of children in the conflict-torn country and its neighboring countries. It will also support essential services for children, including education programs. UNICEF’s work is critical for reducing child mortality and protecting the rights of children around the world. EXANTE is a MiFID-compliant broker and has donated this generous sum to a good cause.

The charity has provided emergency aid in Kharkiv and neighboring regions. To date, 858 tons of humanitarian aid have been provided, including educational materials, winter clothing, and health care supplies. Special ‘corners’ have been set up at 29 metro stations in the city, providing educational materials and activities to children. The charity is also providing entertainment opportunities, including computer games.

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A global brokerage company, EXANTE Broker, has donated $1m to UNICEF in support of children displaced by the conflict in Ukraine. The funds will be used to support children in Ukraine and neighboring countries who are facing extreme hardships and need immediate help. The company ranks alongside Amazon and Apple in its commitment to UNICEF’s work to support children and promote education. Founded in 1946, EXANTE Broker has partnered with restaurants at OTG airports where travelers can donate directly from their iPads.

With this donation, EXANTE Broker has pledged to donate another $1 million to UNICEF, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children suffering in conflict zones. The funds will enable UNICEF to provide life-saving aid to displaced children and their families. The funds will also enable UNICEF to protect children’s rights and ensure that these children are safe. These are important steps for preventing future tragedies like the one that happened in Ukraine.

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EXANTE Broker recently announced it is donating $1 million to the UNICEF to help fight the violence and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The money will help UNICEF respond rapidly to crises and provide essential services to displaced families. The money will also be used to help refugees in neighboring countries. EXANTE Broker is committed to helping people in Ukraine and beyond. Read the full statement below.


The donation is part of an ongoing effort to help vulnerable children in the Ukraine and neighboring nations. The broker’s generosity has led to a range of other charitable actions that benefit the region, including the UNICEF’s work in Ukraine and neighboring countries. EXANTE Broker, founded in 1946, works with UNICEF to help vulnerable children in the region. It provides access to over 500,000 financial instruments across 50 global markets. Its clients include corporate and retail investors, and the company’s partnership with OTG airport restaurants makes it possible to donate right from an iPad.

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