Engineered tapes for insulation

Clearly, electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and inexpensive. Automotive producers desire the power to weight ratio to be increased by using lightweight materials, including composites, and weight-reduction binding and joining technologies. Single-sided, self-adhesive cassettes offer an attractive alternative to traditional mechanics and play a key role in manufacturing electric cars, cars and public transit. There are many of choices, from tapes to bindings and noise prevention tapes, rattles and squeaks to closed cell foam tapes for waterproof electronic joints and heat tapes.

Adhesive tapes for EV batteries

A unique range of adhesive tapes was introduced recently with the intention of complying with rigorous criteria for lithium-ion (Li) battery uses in the electric car sector. Including EMI protection, thermal and electric insulation, flamm delay and optimization of the heat sink, this series of electrical tapes. The product range which contains: ITW Stokvis Tapes produces:


A set of thermal-level interface tapes that can supply a thermal-free bridge to a cooling unit. For best RFID tape, consider our site.

ITW Formex 

A range of tapes that may be used as a separator battery cell, providing the battery covers, busbars with mechanical protection, electrical insulation and EMI protection.


PU and Silicon Stickers for coating, thermal insulation, box seal, connectors and pads for water intake to make up for expansion cells. Adhesive pads are offered in PU and silicone. We have the best weather strips for you.

Interface Tapes

Electric battery design developments involve an increase in energy and capability and heat dissipation is a major problem. Battery cells using lithium-ion can be high-cell thermo-resistant. This resistance can cause to large temperature gradients in cells and high hot spot temperatures in an aggressive cycle, known as ageing, which can further reduce battery performance.

It can be reduced by:

The weathering (contact surface) of TIM are affected by the softness and choice of polymer and thickness. By choosing the right fillers the contact places may be increased through a mix of larger and smaller leading particles. Vehicle batteries can vary extensively from air gaps, surface ruggedness to size and flatness. The range Stok-Therm includes several types of tapes for an ideal thermal route: thickness and flexibility (compression). They are available in 2 categories, with a range of hard TC and soft TPS, fitted with a thermal conductivity of 3 distinct 1, 2, 2 and 3W/mK and a width of 0,25 to 3 mm.

Formex for Battery Covers

Formex is a series of tape wearing tapes that can be formed in 3-dimensional shapes and used to create various components of the battery, including: Battery coverings are supplied for mechanical safety, electrical insulation and EMI protection. Contact brackets for electrical insulation and corrosion protection. Spacers and cell covers offer electrical insulation for top and bottom isolation between cells and busbar insulation. It may be used in temperatures from -40°C to 125°C and at short noise temperatures between UL 94 VTM-) and V-0, with a range of flammable value.

Stok-Seal battery Seals

It includes various polyurethane moisture adhesive rubbers and silicone joints, as well as screen water intake plugs, cell expansion battery compression pads, and damping and vibration control pads, beneath the battery unit, to secure cover and housing water sealing.. Stok-Seal consists :


The patented products generate unique materials that are simply used to make self-adhesive or laminate them.

Die-Cut Services 

Develop new shapes and material combinations to minimise time and create a unique solution for application fixing.

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