Endless Possibilities: Convert, Split, And Merge Your PDF Files Using PDFBear

Portable Document File or PDF has been considered as one the most utilized file format ever created. Even students nowadays use PDF format in printing their documents. Hence, a variety of web-based tools were designed to alleviate problems in altering PDF format. One of the most used web-based tools is the PDFBear.

PDFBear guarantees that your journey in modifying your file formats is done efficiently. This tool can convert multiple documents, merge, and split PDF files. These are just among the many possibilities you can do with this tool. Here’s the guide on how to convert, split, and merge your PDF files using PDFBear: 

How To Convert Your File Formats Using PDFBear

Many people experienced the trouble of printing their files, and suddenly the formats of those files were altered. This is a common problem when using a Word format when printing a file. However, there is a way for you not to have such tragedy. You can try to use PDFBear’s Word to PDF file conversion tool. 

PDFBear provides the easiest way of converting your file format. File conversion begins with selecting the file that needs modification. When you already have that file, you can put it in their file format conversion tool. After that, you will not have any worries since PDFBear will analyze and convert your files in just a few seconds! 

After that, you can now download your newly converted file. You can now have an unmodifiable PDF file. With this, all the formats from your Word documents are all retained once converted to a PDF file. You can also transform other file formats into PDF files or vice versa! The steps in converting different file formats are the same as converting Word to PDF format. 

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How To Split PDF Files Using PDFBear 

Your professor or boss would sometimes urgently tell you to remove a specific page from your submitted PDF documents. If you are not using a tool, the option you have is to convert your PDF file to an editable file format and remove that specific page. However, that would consume a lot of energy and time. 

The best possible and fastest way for you to do that is to split that specific PDF page. Luckily, PDFBear offers the most reliable tool for extracting a PDF page. The process begins with selecting a PDF file that you need to split. The next step is you put that file in their PDF splitting tool. Once you are done, choose the PDF pages that need to be extracted. 

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After that, you can transfer the PDF page that you need to extract into another PDF file. Once you are finished with that, PDFBear will analyze and begin removing that page. It may take a few seconds, depending on the strength of your internet connection. After that, you can now download your newly split PDF file. 

Splitting a PDF page sounds so tricky. Luckily, PDFBear created the best and easiest technology in extracting a PDF file. Also, the steps are easy to follow. You do not need to be an expert in using computers in doing it. 

How To Merge PDF Files 

If you have PDF files scattered all over your computer’s folders and need to compile them ASAP, you can try to merge these PDF files. PDFBear offers the easiest way of incorporating your PDF file into a single document. While other tools provide complicated steps in combining PDF files, PDFBear has the most straightforward way of doing it.

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To begin your PDF file merging process, you must first select the files you wish to combine. After that, put these files into PDFBear’s merging tool. Once you are done, you can modify the files that you want to incorporate if deemed necessary. In just a couple of seconds, your files will be finished, depending on your internet connection. 

Once the processes are all done, you can now download your newly merged PDF files. Merging PDF files has never been this undemanding. Since the creation of PDFBear, all your file format alteration needs are quickly done! 

Securing Your Files

If you have files containing confidential information in nature, you may sometimes get worried about the tools you are using. But, using PDFBear, you don’t need to worry since all your files will be deleted an hour after you finished your transactions with PDFBear. You don’t need to worry about leaked information using this tool!

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Your file format alteration journey will be comfortable when using PDFBear as your online tool. Convert, merge, and split PDF files are not the only tools they provide. You can check their website if you wish to know more about their other tools. If you are still hesitant, you can also avail of their free trial for a limited period only!

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