Donor Retention Strategies & Tactics

Nonprofit organizations rely on donors to keep doing the work they do. After organizations spend hours upon hours planning and hosting donor events, they need to be able to retain those donors to keep operating smoothly. The right strategy is essential for donor retention.

Proper Outreach With an Email Marketing Campaign

Many nonprofits choose to engage current donors with email outreach campaigns. While email marketing is an effective way to reach audiences, it is only successful if you have an accurate list of email addresses and donor information. This means ensuring you have the proper tools, such as donor customer relationship management software, to keep this information. Remember, always allow your email list to be opt-in and never email previous donors without their consent.

When you do email donors, ensure your messages are of quality. They need to be compelling, communicate only the most important information, and be personalized based on your donor’s specific interest in the nonprofit. Personalized messages are up to six times more effective than generalized ones. Use your email marketing to let people know about noteworthy news, invite them to upcoming events, and appeal for donations. Be sure to also use it to thank your donors for continuing to support your cause.

How To Successfully Manage All Your Data

Managing data is essential for a thriving nonprofit organization. Two of the most popular CRM software in the industry are Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce. Each CRM software has its own benefits. Raiser’s Edge has a variety of marketing tools, a mobile-friendly platform, and a good platform for keeping records. Salesforce uses artificial intelligence within its platform, provides data-driven analytics, and is also mobile-friendly. For many nonprofit organizations, the answer is to use both platforms. However, Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce migration also has some challenges to work through.

Without proper integration tools, it is hard for all departments of an organization to get the information they need in real-time. Real-time data needs to be synchronized so that people on both platforms can use it. Luckily, there are options like Import RE. The integration tool allows nonprofits to organize and integrate data, ensuring every department has the information it needs and that the email marketing team is sending information to quality donors.

Keeping Donors Interested

It takes more than Salesforce data integration to keep your donors interested in your nonprofit organization. The easiest way you can keep donors is to ensure you are providing real information. If you aren’t transparent about both successes and struggles, your donors may imagine you’ve reached all your goals and no longer need their help. Always be straightforward when asking for help as well. It also helps to ask for feedback. Use donor surveys to ask your contact list what keeps them motivated to give to a nonprofit organization and how you can better provide for them.

There is a wide range of nonprofit organizations. Whether you operate a recreational club, an animal rescue organization, or any other type of nonprofit, retaining donors is much easier when you use the proper customer relationship management software in addition to integration software.