Do modernistic lights go well with wood

There is something to be said about modern lights and fixtures, there are some truly amazing pieces out there which could be described as usable art. However, not every home is fully suited or designed for these kind of lights, in fact most of them have a rather more classic look, ordained with wood and wooden colors and textures – so one of the biggest questions is – do modern fixtures go along with wood.

How to combine wood and a modern collection in one home

Wood has a drastically different feel to it from other modern fixtures, most often it is associated with classical designs, homey, warm places, cabins and the like. However, it is possible to combine this interior design with modern light fixtures without this combination looking out of place – here’s how the professionals over at suggest you do it.

Find something in common between the different styles

One of the ways of providing and creating a fusion between two different styles, is by finding something that they both have in common. This is not always easy because they are two distinct and quite different styles and sometimes they are made without the other in mind, however, there is a modern collection out there which can provide some inspiration.

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What a lot of interior designers find challenging with these styles is to actually blend them and use them in the same space. And whenever you are a professional and you’ve done the same thing over and over again, you tend to look for a challenge.

What do wood and modern designs have in common

The secret here is that not all modern designs are cold and metallic or weird in shape, and not all wooden structures hint of a classical, Hansel and Gretel style of a house. In fact there are so many variations out there that it can even be hard to distinguish between them unless you are in the know.

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The thing that they both have in common is that it’s quite easy to shape them and they can both provide cold and warm sensations to the observer. Those sensations of course are related to the way the eye perceives the colors, the shapes and the overall composition of the structure.

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In figuring this out, it’s vital for a design choice to consider the shapes which the predominant materials can take, because these are the little details which make something stand out. Out of every single choice out there, someone from the outside would not consider metal, brushed and polished aluminum to go well with wood, mahogany or oak, but they can really do blend together nicely.

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There are fantastic choices out there which would fir the narrative of a modernistic yet quite and quaint location either in an urban environment or in a rural one. It’s also possible to combine them different ways which would better represent the users and the environment of the entire house.

However difficult you may find it to pick, there is always something right for you at – check for yourself.

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