Dining Table Online Buying Guide Tailor-made Just For You!

Dining tables are to be chosen with great care as it is where the entire family meets for meals. Every family has their best time at the dining table, chit-chatting with cousins, fighting with siblings over food and laughing with friends. A dining set should be good enough to sit without your knees hurting over the table and chairs squeezing each other. There are many kinds of dining tables that suit different homes. All you have to do is choose the right one that fits your space. Children at home can also use the dining table for their homework space and study.

Are you looking for a fabulous dining table that matches the theme of your room? Check the Wakefit website as it has a wider variety with reasonable prices. Here are a few points that will help you buy the best dining table for your home.

Know your measurements

There are many sizes of dining tables available in the market. You have to choose one that fits your family and the room. To start, measure your room with tape to decide on the size. A dining room should have free space to walk around. Leave sufficient space for cupboards and shelves in the dining room, if any. You will require a minimum of 2 feet to place the dining chairs. Select a dining table that satisfies all these factors. Place your dining table slightly away from the room entrance so that it doesn’t block the pathway.

Choose a sturdy and stiff one

Buying a dining table of the best quality is the wisest thing to do. Choose a wood that stays strong throughout the years without the problem of ticks and bacteria. Ensure the wood is termite and moisture resistant. The best wood doesn’t creak or squeak and stands stiff. Try the Sheesham wood type for the dining table as it is hardwood and is preferred by most carpenters and manufacturers for easy carving. The wooden dining furniture should bear all the tantrums of kids and stay sturdy over the years.

Select the best shape that adapts your home

Choosing the dining table shape is based on your taste. There are oval, round, square and rectangular shapes of dining tables. A small four-seater square dining table is more than enough for an urban compact home as it feels comfortable and fits a small place perfectly well. A rectangular dining table has the option of 6 seats and eight seaters. Those with a large family or frequent visitors at home can opt for this dining table. The round and oval dining tables are the best of all as it saves the corner space and allow an extra seat. Ensure the right shape of your dining space while buying a dining table online.

Buy chairs that match the table

Matching chairs with the dining table is the most crucial part of setting a dining space. A chair should sink with the dining table and feel comfortable to sit on. Going with a dining set is better than buying chairs and tables separately. However, sometimes it is difficult to find the right match. Apart from this, choose matching fabrics for chairs that go with the table and interior of the room. When bought separately, the dining table price is slightly more than when bought as a set. You can also customise your chairs and tables according to your choice.

Ensure the dining table blends with the interior decor

A dining table or set should match the wallpaper of the room. You can choose lighting and other small interiors to go with the dining table. Interior decor can also include curtains, rugs and the rest of the furniture in the room. Pick a theme for the room and work accordingly. You can choose a traditional or contemporary theme and choose a dining tackle accordingly. Try using bold chairs with predominant colours for a funkier look. Try a different shape of the dining chair that will enhance the room’s look.




Buying a dining table online is an easier option as you can get it delivered straight to your home without any hassles or difficulty. The advantage of online shopping is you get the best deals during festival times. Check online during Christmas, Diwali and new year to find exquisite offers. You can also customise your dining set if necessary. Choose a renowned website to buy your dining set so that you don’t fall for gimmicks online. Ask for warranty cards. Get the maximum warranty period for your dining table. Ask the dealer for free delivery options and make sure the delivery people place the table in the right room before leaving. A dining tackle is a huge investment, so take your time and choose the best one for your home.