Different Ways To Wear Your Fortnite Hoodie

Hoodies have been in style for a while now. It’s versatility as a piece of clothing makes it very trendy among people of all ages. It can be comfortable and stylish all at the same time. It can either be worn with pants or shorts. Sometimes it can also be worn by layering other pieces of clothing with it but it still looks good when worn plainly.  Having said all that, you can easily use a hoodie for different occasions without being overdressed or underdressed.

A hoodie gives you a wide range of options for your style. You can wear your hoodie, jeans and complete the look with a pair of sneakers. With that, you get a basic look that gives a sense of simplicity and neatness. For a sporty look, you can use your hoodie with your leggings or shorts during your morning jog. When you want something between casual and semi-formal, you can wear your hoodie under a coat.

Here are some ideas on how you can make your fortnite hoodie an all-around piece for your OOTDs:

Layer your pieces

Layering gives you the freedom to level up a clothing by matching it with other pieces that complement each other. For a casual sophisticated look, try wearing a black hoodie with a black coat on top. You can hype up your look with a layer of clothes that will make you look smart and chic.

Look sporty and laid back

You probably wear a hoodie during your daily run by the park and on your way to the gym but that athletic fit can also be very fun to wear on your easy days. With a hoodie and sweatpants pair, you can go around looking fresh and laid back. It’s a preferable outfit on days when you just hang around at your friends’ place.

Pair it with a leather jacket

Leather jackets always give off a cool and mysterious vibe. You can layer your hoodie with a leather jacket to add some swag to your look. Finish it off with accessories just enough to give some light to your look.

Match with trousers

You can pull off that smart-casual look by putting together your hoodie and trousers. With the mix of hoodie and trousers, you can look ready for not so formal business meetings. Try matching a light-colored hoodie with a black or dark brown trousers. If you’re feeling a little pattern, try striped or checkered trousers.

Experimenting with your look

As the hoodie is such a versatile piece, you can always experiment with your style. It is also a great way to express yourself and even your current mood. Are you feeling happy and cheerful? Put on a bright-colored hoodie or one with loud prints. Are you having that day where you just lay down in the couch binge–watching your favorite series? An oversized hoodie will make you extra comfortable. Explore more ways to style your hoodie. You can make your fortnite hoodie a staple piece in your look without looking the same everyday.