Different types of doormats

Doormats or entry mats are placed at the entrance of homes or rooms to keep off dirt and also to make the room look good. There are different types of mats like WaterHog mats that come in different varieties and designs. In this blog, you can learn about the types of doormats that you can find in the market. Go through this list and decide which one suits your requirements the most.

The types of doormats

  • Scraper mats: As the name indicates, these types of mats are intended for visitors to scrape their shoes before entering. This is suitable where you expect visitors to have a lot of mud and dirt on their shoes. The material is usually coir or PVC so it is abrasive and can withstand rough use.
  • Interior mats: These mats are more suited for enhancing the appearance of the room where it is kept. While it can be used to keep off dirt, it is used to add to the room’s décor. These mats are available in different colors and designs to suit your interior needs. They can be made from different materials. Usually, they are anti-skid in nature to prevent visitors for slipping.
  • Indoor/Outdoor mats: These mats are suited for indoors and outdoors. This means the mat would be well-designed to make it suitable for indoors. It would also be abrasive to be able to remove dirt, mud, etc.
  • Decorative mats: These mats are usually not kept at the entrance but at other locations. They are mainly intended as decorative floor covering. The mats come in different designs and backgrounds to make them look attractive.
  • Anti-fatigue mats: When your foot is on the floor when you are standing, your legs start to pain. You become tired and this can affect your work. This is why companies use anti-fatigue mats in such places. These mats are soft and thick. They are comfortable and do not cause strain on the feet. They can be used in kitchens and also in industries.
  • Drainage mats: These mats have holes that can hold liquids or any other particles in them. The mat is suitable for use in kitchens so it can hold dirt, water, liquids, etc. The mat can be cleaned easily to remove the liquid or particles in it.
    Cleaning becomes easy with this mat.
  • Ribbed entry mats: These mats have a ribbed surface that makes them sturdy. They are suitable for places where there is a heavy footfall with lot of people walking on the mats. The ribbed design ensures people don’t trip. The edges of the mat also do not fold.
  • Anti-static mat: These mats have anti-static properties and are very helpful in places where people work with electronic items. It prevents static electricity from passing through our body to the electronic items thus preventing damage.

The information on the different types of doormats listed in this blog would have helped you to decide which one suits your requirements. Ensure that you get the best doormat made by a reputed company so it fits your needs perfectly.

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