Different Types of Divorce You Can Apply For

Ending a marriage is one of the most challenging moments that an individual can face. Not only do you have to set up a new life, but you also do some alliteration with it so that you can abide by the rules governed by the court. In legal terms, the process of ending a marriage is called Divorce. We all are aware of that, and we are also well-versed in how it works. But certain limitations and rules come with the kind of divorce you choose.

When it comes to divorce, there are two different types of it in the United States, namely, contested and uncontested divorce. These two divorces have rules and regulations that both spouses must follow during the procedure. We will unfold each of these divorce types in the following post so that you can understand how each differs. But if you seek a professional touch and a consult related to your situation, you can visit this link.

Contested Divorce

Contested Divorces are those divorces in which the couple cannot decide or agree upon the termination of the marriage. This situation arises when one of the spouses disagrees with the termination of the marriage as he/she doesn’t find a valid reason for the divorce.

Contested Divorces take the most time and resources from the individuals involved as they cannot come to a conclusion that will justify their divorce. That is when the court comes into the picture and aids in finding the mutual reason for divorce and the following procedure that will come under contested divorce.

Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorces are one of the easiest and most time-efficient divorces as both the couple agree upon the reason as well as the terms of the divorce without any conflict. These divorces do not involve any lengthy legal preceding; they require you to pay hefty court fees. These divorces can be done with the presence of your attorney only.

This can become a contested divorce easily if you have any children you wish to have custody of, undivided assets, or any factor that could lead to a disagreement. So it is well suggested that you settle all your demands and conduct all your negotiations in the presence of your attorney to avoid making it a contested divorce.

No matter what the cause of the divorce is and what kind of divorce has been decided, you must always have an experienced attorney taking care of all your decisions. As laws are complex and have several conditions, you never know which law might get a hold of you in a negative way which might end badly for you. So always consult someone that has experience in curating divorces.

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