Diesel Watches: Timepieces With a Modern and Classic Fusion

Are you in search of the perfect watch to have you looking classy and at the same time keep your pockets stable? If so, the Diesel timepieces are the right choice for you. Have you not yet heard of it? Worry no more because this article will cover everything you have to know about this Italian watch brand, Diesel. You might find yourself afterward purchasing a piece of your own. The Diesel may not be as luxurious as other famous watch brands. However, it is competitive on another kind of level. And surely, Diesel does have an equivalent worth to the best of the best watches around the world. To entice you, this company, Diesel, has partnered with the popular brand Fossil. Hence, offering you products that have an undeniable spot in the fashion and watchmaking industry.

How Did It All Begin?

As you would not have expected, Diesel did not start as a watch house. Founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978, Diesel was a company that stitched and sold jeans. With Rosso’s love for making clothes, he grew up stitching and repairing items of clothing. A hobby of his was to lend his mother’s sewing machine to sew jeans that he sold for a small amount of cash. Eventually, in the year 1976, to learn the basics of a textile company, Rosso worked with Moltex. After another few years, Rosso bought a company- later named “Diesel”- to market his special jeans. Subsequently, the company was known to have produced one of the best and highest qualities of denim.

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The company reached the peak of success in just a short period. But that doesn’t stop there. Rosso decided to expand the company and partnered with other manufacturers- one of which was Fossil. Yes, the only and also famous luxury watch brand, Fossil. This partnership rendered to the world an incredible line of timepieces that would surely be a great hit both in the field of watchmaking and the fashion industry. Today, Diesel produces exceptional watches that are worn by many. An also-luxury watch brand that provides an affordable price range. Thus, making it a great option for many.

Does Diesel Make Quality Watches?

Diesel is known as a producer of a combination of classic and modern timepieces. Indeed, in every Diesel Watch review that you may come across online or from someone in person, you will find a balance between quality and affordability. These two factors are rare, especially in the industry of watchmaking today. Diesel watches are exemplary watches of aesthetics and trending fashion in the industry as a fashion watch brand. Incorporating urban culture in their designs makes them even attractive to millennials watch buyers and enthusiasts. Apart from this, Diesel tends to create their own trend. Thus, making their lines of watches more appealing to a lot of buyers in search of unique designs. As technology constantly evolves, Diesel uses this as an advantage on their side to create both classic and unique designs to suit a variety of preferences.

For a lot of people, design is an important factor when choosing a watch. Yet, the quality is essential too. In that aspect, Diesel is popular for its innovative timepieces that are sure to never go out of style. Who would not want an affordable luxury watch? For years, the company has proven itself as an excellent producer of timepieces. If you head on to Diesel’s website or any local store near you, you will see a range of classics and smartwatches as modern design. There are a lot of model watches under these two categories of Diesel watches.

A Review: Diesel’s Classic Watches

Diesel classic watches include analog and digital types of timepieces. One of their simple yet sensual models is the Chopped Digital Silicon. This model features a negative display screen and a logo-pressed silicon strap. The futuristic design of the Chopped Digital watch model comes in a variety of colors that is trendy and would complement your outfit. Diesel offers you classical timepieces. Its classic stainless steel and substantial leather and designs highlight the mechanical functions of every watch. Diesel has a long list for you to review. Thus, their pieces are confirmed to be with fashionable detailing and various time-zone indexes.

All You Need to Know About Diesel Smartwatches

With the constant advancements worldwide and in every aspect, Diesel makes sure that they are updated and in line with the modern world. The Diesel company likes to keep up with the newest innovations and technologies. In this fast-changing era, Diesel incorporates progressions into their watches. Indeed, it is no surprise that the brand has an astonishing line of smartwatches.

The collection of smartwatches is divided into two categories. Hence, these categories, namely the Fadelite and the Axial Smartwatches. The Fadelite smartwatches have a slick appearance meant to be worn by both men and women. While the Axial collection features a strong and robust appearance to appeal to the masculine market.


Diesel’s denim roots and Fossil’s watch technology is a perfect combination that does make Diesel one of the best watch brands worldwide. The brand unquestionably has made a name for itself in the fashion industry. Indeed, it is well known in the country of Italy, where it originates. It has made its way into the United States and other countries as well. Apart from their unique and eye-catching designs, the brand also keeps up with the latest advancements in smartwatch technology. Diesel ensures that their line of timepieces maintains on top of the list of fashionable watches.

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