Diabetes food to avoid list

Having Diabetes doesn’t mean that you need to stop eating the foods that you love but eating the right amounts or portions. Having a healthy balanced diet can help many people manage Diabetes and reduce the risk of having other health conditions.

Different foods give different nutrients in your body that it will need to help fight diseases. Some foods that are taken in big proportions can be dangerous and can increase blood sugar levels for people with Diabetes.

People with Diabetes are more careful and should be more careful with the foods they eat, and they should keep in mind that they only eat some foods with small proportions. Having a healthy diet or meal plan can help you keep track of the foods that you should eat and avoid. Below is a list of foods that you should avoid when you are a diabetic patient.

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  • Refined Carbs – When eating refined carbs or starches, they are broken down first when they are being processed before they get into our plates. As a result of this process, some food additives are put in the foods that can make them less healthy. Your body will easily absorb the carbs and will convert them into glucose that, will increase blood sugar and will make the person hungry again after a meal. Here are some unhealthy carbs that you should avoid.
  • White bread and pasta
  • Some cereals and crackers
  • Pizza dough and Tortillas
  • Many breakfast bowls of cereal
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Sugary foods – Foods that contain a lot of sugar often have little or no nutritional value at all that can cause your blood sugar to spike up. Sugary foods can be the cause of your weight gain, risk of heart disease, and stroke. Sugary foods are unhealthy. Here are some foods that contain a lot of sugar that you should avoid.
  • Sauces and Condiments
  • Maple Syrup and other syrups
  • Candy Bars and cookies
  • Cakes, sweet rolls. Pastries and doughnuts
  • Sweetened drinks such as soft drinks, energy drinks, and juice drinks
  • Processed fatty meats – Cholesterol and calories can raise your blood sugar level and can also be the reason for you to gain weight easily, which will make it harder for you to control your blood sugar level. Processed meats are also high in sodium which people with high blood pressure should be aware of. Here are some examples of processed and fatty meats.
  • Sausages, Hotdogs and Salami
  • Smoked meat
  • Ham or cured bacon
  • Salted, cured meat and corned beef
  • Dried meat and beef jerky
  • Saturated Fat – Having too much-saturated fat can cause high levels of bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein or LDL), which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Diabetic patients have an increased risk of having CVD. That is why it’s best to avoid foods that contain saturated fats. Saturated fats are usually found in animal products, oils, and processed foods.
  • Butter and lard
  • Cream-based dressings and dips, full-fat mayonnaise
  • Potato chips and french fries
  • Most fast foods
  • Breaded and battered foods
  • Dairy – Dairy is a good resource of protein and calcium, but you should also be aware of lactose, a sugar it contains. A person with diabetes can eat foods with dairy, but they should be aware of the portions they are eating. Full-fat dairy can increase cholesterol in the blood and have a higher risk of heart disease. For people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, there is a higher chance of cardiovascular disease when they eat dairy and also obesity. That is why avoid eating too much dairy.
  • Ice cream and yogurt
  • Milk puddings
  • Hot chocolate and milk chocolate
  • Macaroni, pancakes, and mashed potatoes
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