Custom Mailer Boxes: Benefits and Drawbacks

Mailer boxes are custom-made envelopes that you fill with your products and then mail out to potential consumers. They’re a great way to promote your brand, but they also have their drawbacks. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of custom mailer boxes and how they can help in promoting your company’s image, as well as the drawbacks of custom mailer boxes so you know what to expect before making a purchase decision.


Custom mailer boxes help to promote your company’s image. With custom mailer boxes, you can use your custom logo and branding materials on the outside of the envelope in order to really emphasize how professional and serious you are about business.

Mailers that are customized with a custom design or logo not only make it easier for recipients to find their package amidst all the other envelopes they receive from various companies; but custom-made mailboxes also offer potential customers an idea as to what might be inside, which may prompt them into opening up the box so they can see if there is anything interesting that will catch their eye.

A lot of businesses who have successful email lists ask consumers interested in receiving updates from them, sign up for their custom email list by placing a custom mailer box outside of the store or at an event they’re hosting. This is another way to promote your company’s image and generate more interest in what you have available.

Customized mailers are often used as giveaways, such that customers can take them home with them after purchasing items from a business owner who has created custom-made mailer boxes for the occasion, thus generating brand awareness among potential future clients.

Mailing out custom made boxes also allows businesses to add something extra special to these packages, such as bonus gifts inside the envelope or stickers on top of it – which makes recipients feel like they won’t want to toss this package aside without taking time and opening up the custom mailer box.

Customized boxes are also popular for people in the food industry, such as bakeries or restaurants; because they can make a custom logo on top of the envelope to put their company name and/or slogan which makes them stand out from other businesses that have not taken advantage of customized mailers.

Mailing custom made lids is often done by companies who want to send out samples of their product without having it break during transit due to improper packaging. This ensures customers get to know what you’re selling before making an investment, and it’s been shown time after time that when potential clients are able to see your products before buying them, conversion rates go up substantially.


Custom mailer boxes are more expensive than traditional envelopes due to their custom-made nature.

If you want your logo or branding materials on the outside of the custom box, this will cost extra – but it’ll be worth it in order to get potential clients interested in what’s inside and prompt them into opening up a package that they might otherwise toss aside without reading anything about who sent it.

If customers don’t like what is inside the envelope, then even though they may have opened up said custom design mailer; there’s still a possibility that they could just throw everything out anyways since some recipients can find these packages annoying after receiving so many similar ones from other companies as well.

It takes time to create custom mailer boxes, and if they are not printed in bulk – then orders for custom-made box shipments will take longer to process.

It’s important to know that custom mailing boxes can only be used once before the design becomes scratched up or damaged due to being handled too many times; which means you’ll need a large supply of these boxes on hand as well as replacement designs ready at any given moment just in case something like this happens.

One other downside is that potential customers may feel overwhelmed when someone sends out an excessive amount of custom-made mailbox packages without exhibiting some restraint and moderation about it – so sometimes less really is more with regards to this type of marketing campaign.

Bottom line

Custom mailer boxes have many benefits; but they also come with a few drawbacks that need to be taken into consideration before employing them as a marketing campaign.

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If you want your custom designed package to stand out in the crowd, then it will cost more than traditional envelopes and may take additional time for orders to process – which means you’ll often need an ample supply of these packages on hand at all times. However, custom made mailbox packages are able to promote brands effectively without breaking or being damaged during transit.

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One downside is that clients can get overwhelmed if marketers don’t use moderation when sending custom-made envelope shipments; so less really is sometimes more here especially while building up brand awareness.

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