Cost-Effective Packing Supplies

Moving on a budget can be difficult. From Packers and movers Dubai to closing costs, there are many costs to consider. Packing supplies are also expensive. Unlike securing your next place and your belongings’ transport, you have some flexibility when it comes to supplies. With a little creativity, you can save money and pack your items well. Here’s how to cut packing costs and manage your moving budget.

Assess your needs.

Moving mistakes include overbuying supplies, which can be costly. Once you realize you don’t need supplies, you can return them to the store, but it’s one more step in an already overwhelming process and easy to forget. Make sure you buy exactly what you need the first time so you don’t have to haul your unused supplies back to the store or pay for them.

free boxes

Ask around for free cardboard boxes if you’re using them. If the boxes haven’t been damaged, cardboard is durable and can be reused. Call local businesses—many of them throw away their boxes after unpacking inventory. Bubble wrap and packing paper may be available. Put out a call on social media as well, as you may have friends and family with supplies to get rid of.

Use your resources creatively.

You may already have many items that can double as packing supplies. You can use these:

Cases and duffels.

For easy transport, pack clothes, bedding, and even dishes. Suitcases with wheels make moving heavy items easy,


Moving empty dressers isn’t required. Put your drawers back in the dresser and wrap them in plastic wrap, or wrap each drawer individually. Put them back in the dresser, but they will be heavy. If you can’t lift heavy, wrap drawers individually.


Garbage bags are great for transporting your belongings, but they’re unsightly. Use heavy-duty black garbage bags for books and lighter garbage bags for toys, hangers, and clothing. You’ll want a moving container with a level base for fragile items, so don’t pack them in a garbage bag.

Towels and clothing.

It’s soft, so use it as packing material. Use these items like bubble wrap or packing paper to wrap and cushion breakable or sharp items.

Markers, stickers.

Permanent markers are best for labeling moving boxes. Use markers or stickers to mark box locations.


We get lots of boxes because we order a lot online. Instead of recycling boxes, start stockpiling them if you’re moving soon. They should be stored in a basement or garage until you need them. You may not be able to gather enough boxes to pack your entire home this way, but you should be able to reduce your shopping list.

Pay a dollar.

Dollar store finds are surprising. Check your local dollar store for cheap packing supplies like tape before heading to a big-name store. For the price of a fast food lunch, you can probably find what you need. Ask if they have any boxes you can have for free or at a discount while you’re there.

Eliminate things

Owning more means packing more. Consequently, you need more packing supplies. Before moving day, decluttering saves money on packing supplies. Before packing, sort clothes, décor, kitchen supplies, food, and books into three piles: donate, recycle, and throw out. Donate what you don’t need or want as much as possible. If you get rid of things carefully, you’ll have a much lighter load and less to buy.

Just look in the right places for cheap moving supplies. Following the above tips will save you money on packing supplies, so you can spend it on what matters, like that extra large takeout order you need when you’re too exhausted from unpacking to cook.