Cool Tools For Daily Use

We use technology extensively in our daily lives and have fantastic applications to make our daily tasks easy. The internet has provided us with vast resources to make our lives fun and easy.

We book tickets, order food online, work, and many more. The Internet has become an essential part of our lives. But still, so many times, we struggle to find the right resources. This is when we come into the role to bring you some fun websites and tools that can make your life easy.

Here is a list of some excellent tools that are easy to use, fun, and make your job easy.

  • PDFSimpli

How often have you faced the problem of “how to rotate PDF and save it?” PDFs are the most versatile and widely used file format. Everyone shares their documentation in PDFs, as this is the most reliable file format. PDFSimpli is a fantastic tool for making any changes to the PDF. You can perform any action on the document and save as PDF


Today, we can stretch any conversation using gifs. Gifs have become a way to communicate. GIPHY is an online platform that allows you to create animated gifs that reflect what you want to say funnily and interactively. You can enter a keyword and select and edit your gif choice accordingly.

  • Grammarly

We are all active on social media platforms, where we post something daily. When you post anything online, it should be free of any kind of error. Grammarly saves you from this faux pas by suggesting edits wherever required in your content. Install the Grammarly plugin, which will correct mistakes, suggest synonyms, and many more.

  • A Soft Murmur

If you often find yourself distracted, then this tool is for you. In the noises of traffic, appliances, and many more, A Soft Murmur is a little escape to the world of natural sounds of rain, birds, crickets, and many more. It teleports you to a different world altogether. It is a simple way to maintain concentration and calm amidst the world’s chaos.

  • Supercook

This “Zero Waste Recipe Generator” will take input from the ingredients you have in your home and will give out a recipe with those ingredients. All this is done in a matter of a few minutes.


Simple tools can make your daily tasks fun and easy. This will lead to increased productivity in your life.