Cockfighting has been in presence for over 6,000 years in different pieces of the world. Nations like Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, India, Indonesia, China, Japan and Central America among others have written history of cockfighting. The prominence of this game has no limits.

As of late notwithstanding, there have been limitations dependent on laws and basic entitlements and religion that have restricted the games in certain nations. For devotees in places where cockfighting has been prohibited, the Internet will presumably need to take care of their craving for it. It really is great that for these individuals, the Internet is accessible to fulfill their advantage in cockfighting. Click to visit us at Cambodia da ga thomo

In the Philippines, “Sabong” is a profoundly established piece of the Filipino culture. No not exactly Antonio Pigafetta, Magellan’s writer reported the presence of what they know as current cockfighting in the Philippine Islands as ahead of schedule as 1521. Each city in this nation has at any rate one cockpit. It is a day by day occasion for some Filipinos in different pieces of the country.

“Sabong” in the Philippines is a profoundly established piece of the Filipino culture. It gives no indications of easing back down as in different pieces of the world. Truth be told it shows that the Filipinos love for “sabong” keeps on developing.

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As “sabong” is famous in varying backgrounds, it has formed into an interminable mission for battling predominance in style and strength. The perpetual quest for the correct variety won’t ever end. The territorial disparity of various techniques for rearing and preparing makes the test to turn into a boss exciting. As a result of these, there is a wealth of energizing sabong matches to be recorded. This will permit PCII the chance to bundle and stream a variety of top notch battles from legitimate and completely authorized cockpits cross country.


Philippine Cockfighting International, Inc. (PCII) is an organization appropriately coordinated and existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. PCII was joined last June 21, 2018. The essential office of PCII is at 201-203, KACC Philmade Annex Building, J. Abad Santos corner E.Quirino, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines. Its main role is to take part in live gushing of cockfights globally.

PCII was the brainchild of Mr. Jose G. Ricafort, an energetic cockfighting aficionado for a very long while. He has a place with the outdated of cockfighters who places more significance in the game of cockfighting than simply betting. He is additionally a notable reproducer of chickens from the United States with the bloodlines of East, Hoskins and Mc Crae . He has additionally imported chickens from fruitful raisers from Canada. As the years progressed, Mr. Ricafort has won numerous titles utilizing his joined bloodline. Moreover, he is a three time victor of the esteemed World Slasher International in Araneta Coliseum (1993 and in year 2000, the first consecutive Champion (January and June – a separated accomplishment just accomplished for the absolute first time that year). Cockfighting obviously is something that he gets it.

Mr. Ricafort alongside other gaming specialists coordinated Philippine Cockfighting International, Inc. in 2018. The PCII bunch was additionally the primary administrator to live stream cockfighting really. The gathering effectively got a PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) Sportbetting License on Regulated Events on December 12, 2018. It is profoundly promoted to guarantee that it can support its proceeded with business tasks. In any type of gaming, the PCII bunch trusts it is truly best for the business to be managed by an administration establishment.

PCII is appropriately prepared to cover cockfighting in properly enrolled cockpits all through the country. It can give great video from numerous cloud facilitated workers with an uptime of 99.99 % SLA (administration level arrangement). We can send our streams by means of HTML5 or Flash. Our streams can be accessible by means of iOS, Android and work area. PCII can likewise help customers to grow live gaming stage for on-line cockfighting through API mix or white-naming for both portable and work area administrations. Security-wise, we oversee, regulate and screen our streams with a product created by our gathering.

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