Classy Gold Accessories for Men

It is a common misconception that gold jewelry is for women, and that’s what men ask themselves most of the time: should they wear jewelry on not. Different cultures worldwide wear different ornaments for fashion or show their superiority, so it isn’t something new. One of the main differences between sexes is that while women wear it for fashion, men wear it for class. Today, we will share some insight into what jewelry is for men and then discuss what mistakes you should avoid when wearing jewelry.

Best Gold Accessories for Men:

You don’t have to be Mr. T to show your classy side by wearing big bling; men have many other options to look classy. It can be a Gucci ring, a palm angels bracelet, a gold dog tag, or Versace earrings; as long as you like them and they look good on you, you’re gold.


Wearing a ring has been the staple of a family man though you don’t have to stick to it. You can definitely wear a ring if you are single. Wearing a ring on either hand improves your look and gives you the confidence to be yourself. Engraved gold rings that can have your initials, a couple of love notes, or your family’s crest look particularly good. You can always choose to be as simple as needed and still rock it.


This one has undoubtedly been promoted as something only rappers and gangsters would wear, but that has always been not the case. All classy men wear it from time to time. All men should wear a necklace, even if it’s a thin chain. You can really show your creative style if you have chosen a chain style for which you get lots of compliments.


Wearing a watch is always timeless. Even though you’re mobile can tell you the time perfectly well by that analog feel around your wrist can’t be imitated by a digital mobile clock. Some believe that watches are genuinely men’s jewelry and that every man proudly wears it. Gold watches are a status symbol that will boost your look and style but remember to wear only a watch or a bracelet, don’t overdo your wrists.


Bracelets are entirely up to you on what kind of bracelet you like to wear. It can be a small gold plate with an engraving, covered over on your wrist by a band, leather, or a chain, entirely up to you. It can even be a complete bracelet, depends on how you want to look and feel. If anyone asks or is bothered by a bracelet, tell them that male bracelets date back to 3,000 BC, worn by warriors and shamans to keep negative energies at bay.

Cufflinks and Tie Clips:

These are a must for a suited office man or going on a business meeting. They shouldn’t be just for formal occasions and are typically worn if you have French cuff shirts. You can have as many styles of gold with it as possible as they are just a minimal part of your outlook and might go unnoticed by some, but if it does get noticed, it enhances your classy looks.

The same goes for the tie clips. If you wear ties regularly, then a gold clip is a must.

Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Jewelry:

Now that we have discussed and mentioned different types of Gold accessories for men, we should also tell you what to avoid staying Classy.

Wearing without Confidence:

We believe it’s good to push your boundaries, and wearing jewelry with style is one of them. How could you know what accessory will suit you if you don’t try it on? Wearing gold accessories will get you lots of compliments boosting your confidence, and if you get some criticism, understand the down comings and come back sassier.

Salespersons live and breathe fashion; you can always take their advice on what looks good on you if you are new at this. You can always start with a small accessory to build your confidence until you wear what you want to.

Not Wearing Appropriately:

Every occasion demands different attire. You can wear whatever you want when being on your own; some places have some unspoken and spoken rules.

At Work/Interview – Follow the dress code and consult with the employer or a colleague. Keeping jewelry professional is the best way and the safest bet.

Party or a Special Occasion – Consider the theme and then go all out, if it’s a party, wear your best gold and if it’s a wedding, suit up and accessorize with the best you got to enjoy fully on this occasion. 

School – Jewelry at school has a limit, nothing too shiny or too big. Such institutions have a guideline for you to follow and demands. Use jewelry sparingly there.

Funeral – Be as subtle as possible with your jewelry. 

Don’t Over Do It:

Learn and discuss when going overboard. You have to learn when accessorizing is too much. If you don’t want to, it’s your choice, but don’t mind strange stares. Nothing should overshadow what you are wearing; compliment your clothes with appropriate jewelry. For example, don’t wear a watch with a bracelet and a band all on the one hand. While wearing a watch, on the one hand, wear a smaller band or bracelet on the other to keep the balance.

Similarly, we think one necklace is enough, no need to overdo it with 2 or 3. Try not to mix too many metals to confuse your outlook.

Don’t try to impress:

Skip jewelry that has prominent branding on it, or it is super flashy. You don’t need these to impress others with the status symbol as you can do this just with suitable accessories complemented by your intellect, humor, or charm. Frankly, trying to impress others with expensive belts or your Rolex typically means that you have to overcome insecurity because you don’t feel valued enough by others without them.


It feels incredible to wear attire that looks good on you and hear regular compliments; the same is with jewelry. It is basic human nature to look good and accessorize. Doing it with gold, you will have hit the gold mine. We are confident you will carry yourself well following our explanation for the best gold accessories for men and what practices to avoid.

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