Children’s bank card – which one to choose

From the age of 14 a children’s bank card is not a whim, but a necessity. The advantages of such a solution are numerous, many people have been convinced of this from personal experience.

How to choose a card

It is very important that the bank card for the child is as safe and easy to use as possible. Parent access and reporting to that card is also a key parameter.

The best solution today is the WestStein prepaid card. This card is linked to a parent’s account, so adults can check what the child is spending the money on at any time. If the transaction is questionable, it can be blocked remotely. So your child’s money will never end up in the hands of fraudsters.

In addition, the bank card for children can be recharged automatically. To do this, you need to set the amount and determine the periodicity. So transfers will be made without delays, and you will save yourself additional hassle.

Benefits of cards for children

Children’s bank cards are also a modern way to improve your child’s financial literacy. After all, he/she will be responsible for the safety of his/her pocket money on his/her own while planning expenses. The child also starts to understand how banking structures are set up from childhood.

Today it is possible to get bank cards from the age of 14. With this card, the child can make all the purchases he or she needs, and parents will be able to control exactly what the money was spent on, because the reports are saved in the user’s cabinet.

In addition, the virtual debit card allows you to activate the savings function, so that your child can even increase his or her capital. Many people use these cards to save money to buy expensive things.

At this age, the child learns to prioritise, because he or she manages a limited amount of money. This makes it much easier for them to plan their personal budget in the future. You can order a prepaid Mastercard in just a few minutes. The form and activation process are very simple, you don’t need to go to banks – everything can be done with your mobile phone. You can open several accounts for your family members at once. And additional accounts are not directly connected to the main account, so your money is completely safe.

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