Centre Fact-Check On KBC Lottery With Rs 25 Lakh Reward in 2022

The Centre Fact-Check on KBC lottery winner with Rs 25 Lakh Reward in 2022 revealed that the number 8991 won the prize for the KBC lottery, the third biggest in India. Its prize money has been fixed at Rs 25 lakh. The lucky winners were selected by Amitabh Bachchan, the CEO of KBC. The lottery is open to Indian citizens above 18 years of age living under the poverty line.

KBC lottery authority and demand:

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) has shared the image of the lottery scheme, stating that it was a fake. These fraudulent websites claim to be the KBC lottery authority and demand money to help you win the prize. Moreover, these websites use misleading tactics to lure people into paying them money. The official website of the KBC lottery is safe and authentic and will not ask for any personal details or contact numbers to win the jackpot.

The Centre Fact-Check On KBC lottery winner 2022 With Rs 25 Lakh Reward in 2021 claims that the lottery is run by Mr. KBC and is registered in the Kaun Banega Crorepati. The KBC lottery has changed several lives. It is linked to the main show, Kaun Banega Crorepati, and the aim is to improve the living conditions of the poor.

The Centre Fact-Check on KBC lottery:

In addition to this, the Centre Fact-Check on KBC Lottery has warned against any fraudulent activity, saying that if the message claims to be from the kbc head office number Jio Department, it is a fraud. They urge customers not to share their details with so-called lottery winners. The KBC Jio Department has also issued a warning against the scam.

Despite its popularity, there have been cases of cheating and fraud involving the lottery. The KBC website has been hit by many fake emails and calls. If you receive such an email, it is best to report the call to the police. Many of these bogus calls come from scammers claiming the official KBC website.

Before buying a ticket, make sure you know what the prizes are worth

The kbc official website prize money has been claimed to be in the range of Rs 25 lakh. It is crucial to avoid any fraudulent calls from the lottery company. It is vital to follow the guidelines of the lottery site and the rules of the website to avoid any scam. The Centre Fact-Check On KBC Lottery With Rs 25 Lakh Reward in 2023

The KBC lottery authority has not invited customers to check their KBC lottery numbers. The KBC authority prompts customers to enter their bank details to participate in the lottery. The message is a scam, so beware of bogus calls. The authorities are monitoring these numbers to avoid any misrepresentation in the lottery. In case of suspicious or fraudulent calls, you should report them to the police.

Cautioned people against falling for lottery scams

The government of India has confirmed that the kbc lottery number check online 2022 is not a scam. The PNB said it is not connected with any government entity and is not a government scheme. However, the press agency has cautioned people against falling for lottery scams. As the lottery is still ongoing, many people have already won. But, some have already won the prize.


0092 starts with the same digit as the actual number in a fact-check on the KBC lottery. When you receive a bogus phone call, do not accept it. It is an impostor, and you should immediately report it to the police. It is imperative to report any bogus call to the police.