Careers for the ones believing in ‘Sky’s the limit.’

Standing on the ground, dreaming of touching the sky. Many of the youngsters dream of a career in Aviation or something related to the Air services. But when inquired, they have no clue where to head towards. 

Aviation is a broader field nowadays, so is Airforce. Many opportunities keep flowing; all you need to do is listen to your calling. In case you have chosen to be near the wings or responsible for the wings, you have travelled half of the way. Another half is heading in the right direction and getting placed.

Here are a few career options you might consider:


Airport Authority of India is the responsible government body that works on upgrading, maintaining, and managing all the 125 Airports of India.

AAI holds openings for various departments such as Accounts, Security, Engineering, Communications, Surveillance, Automation etc.  Aspiring candidates with a degree in B. Sc or Engineering can also apply for AAI JE ATC.

The exam might be pretty challenging, but if one wants to score an admirable job in a Government organisation such as AAI, proper dedication, hard work and set AAI JE ATC Best Books are essential elements.

Indian Air Force

The air force is considered a very admirable yet challenging job to do. It does require intelligence, good decision making skill and outstanding dedication to enter The Indian Air Force. The Indian Air force doesn’t just consist of pilots, but many other openings such as flying branch, Ground Duty (Technical) and Ground Duty (Non-Technical). If you are interested in medicines, you may also complete your education in the same stream and join as a medical officer. 

 The recruitment process is quite arduous and needs proper guidance and tutorials, but if you are willing to serve the nation, this might be the one.

To appear for exams, you need to know proper eligibility, job roles and process.

Commercial Pilot

A scenic cabin, well trained in safety and First aid, travelling to various beautiful destinations and being the one to command; if this is what you dream of, being a Commercial Pilot could be your choice. As high paying this job sounds, it brings duties along with it.

For becoming a commercial pilot, you must complete your 10+2 in Physics and Mathematics. You make a choice to enrol in Indian colleges or either go abroad to study. The eligibility requirements are different in every country. 

To Acquire a licence, you need to complete type-training to fly a specific aeroplane.

After completion, you may join any Indian airline or private airline.

Cabin Crew

Many consider working as a Cabin Crew is a glamorous role. It is about visiting places free of cost and living in posh hotels. But that’s not all. Cabin crew are well trained in first aids, emergencies, safety, fire fighting and whatnot.

They are the ones who are the second last to leave the aeroplane in case of any dangerous situations. If all this amazes you, you can opt for this career. There are institutes to train you well before checking in for any interviews. 

Aeronautical Engineering

Suppose you want to work closely with Aircraft but do not want to be in Air for Duty, then Aeronautical engineering is a gifted solution for you.

An Aeronautical Engineer is responsible for designing, testing, and maintaining the Aircraft’s thick and thin. Also, if you want to be the one who looks after the electronic side of Aircraft, fractional aircraft ownership, Avionic Engineering is a good option.

Airport Ground Staff

Airport Ground staff work endlessly and closely with the management and maintenance of airports and Aircraft, handling the departments like Accounts, Customer Service, Public relations, Marketing, Reservations, Maintenance, Finance, Catering, Ramp service etc.

With such a wide choice of departments and job roles, one can go for ground handling duties.

The fascination for Aircraft and Airports is never-ending. No matter how much you travel, the excitement is always as high as the aircraft surges. Working closely with Airport or Aircraft must be very much rewarding and satisfying for sure.

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