Cannabis Oil for Dogs: Is It Good for Them?

It’s surprising how the idea of dogs ingesting cannabis oil makes some pet owners uncomfortable. Perhaps, it’s because they don’t know the difference between cannabis oil and other marijuana compounds.

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis oil is non-psychoactive. And your dog won’t get high when it takes the oil. However, there are not enough scientific studies on the use of CBD products like CBD dog treats. Pet owners who are using it rely solely on anecdotal evidence.

If you are using cannabis oil for your dog for the first time, go on Healthcanal to learn more about CBD oil for dogs and how it treats certain health conditions in your canine friend.

Interestingly, there are several testimonies on how cannabis oil helps treat certain health conditions in dogs. For instance, a senior Staffordshire Terrier dog breed in Australia had a 6cm mammary tumor and metastasis. However, it disappeared within three months when the dog started taking cannabis oil.

Similarly, a Jack Russell Terrier had a severe heart murmur and chronic arthritis. But after a month of taking CBD oil, there was a great improvement in its heart murmur and arthritis. The dog was ready for a long walk.

You see, it’s anecdotal evidence like these that led to the popularity of cannabis oil for dogs. Even though its sales and manufacturing process isn’t regulated, people still find it effective in treating different health conditions in their dogs.

Now let’s answer the initial question – Is Cannabis Oil Good for Dogs? Of course, cannabis oil is good for your dogs when you administer the right dosage to them.

So, here are some reasons why cannabis oil is good for dogs;

#1. It’s Not Psychoactive

One of the reasons why cannabis oil is good for dogs is because it’s not psychoactive. In other words, your canine friend won’t get high from taking the oil. Instead, your dog will be relaxed and calm without intoxication after taking cannabis oil.

#2. Cannabis Oil Reduces Anxiety

If you observe any signs of anxiety in your dog, cannabis oil can help manage it. When taken, it makes your dog feel relaxed and calm. It doesn’t matter whether your dog’s anxiety is due to separation or noise phobia; the right dose of cannabis oil will reduce it.

#3. Cannabis Oil Can Help Fight Cancer

Cancer is one of the health conditions dogs experience. It comes with excruciating pain that could make your dog aggressive and restless. However, cannabis oil has an anti-tumor effect that stops cancer cells from growing.

Additionally, cannabis oil can also serve as a cancer preventive measure. It helps to

  • Improve the immune system’s killer cells that fight cancer cells to death.
  • Block cancer cells’ ability to produce energy
  • Accelerate the progress of conventional cancer treatment

#4. Manages Seizures in Dogs

According to experts, about 5% of dogs have seizures. And dog owners often give phenobarbital and potassium bromide to their dogs when they have seizures.

While these dogs are effective and help to control seizures, they have side effects. They will make your dog prone to liver problems.

However, the right dose of cannabis oil will help manage seizures in your dog.

#5. Relieve Pain

Cannabis oil is very effective in treating dogs suffering from chronic pains. Interestingly, most scientists consider it as a new class of drug to treat chronic pains in both humans and animals.

According to different studies and anecdotal evidence, cannabis oil can help reduce the following

  • Reduce neuropathy and nerve-related pains in dogs
  • The rate at which inflammation affects oxidative stress which could cause degeneration and premature aging in your dogs
  • General inflammation
  • Intestinal inflammation

#6. Prevents Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in Dogs

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is one of the conditions dogs suffer. It’s a syndrome that’s caused by the inflammation of the wall of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

However, animal studies revealed that the right dose of cannabis oil could prevent Inflammatory Bowel disease.

#7. It Reduces Chronic Inflammation and Autoimmune Disease

Scientific studies show that cannabis oil helps to reduce the production and release of inflammatory cytokines. And they are too much in your dog’s body; they can cause allergies, hypersensitivities, and the release of autoimmune.

Furthermore, the right dose of cannabis oil helps to suppress Th17 dominance. Th17 dominance is a major cause of autoimmune disease.

Again, cannabis oil helps to prevent the production of inflammatory macrophages. And the prevention of inflammatory macrophage production decreases chronic inflammation.

#8. Protect Your Dog’s Nervous System

Cannabis oil helps to protect your dog’s nervous system. It also helps to manage spine and nerve issues like degenerative myelopathy.

Cannabis oil can also manage dogs experiencing Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and any other chronic condition.

Similarly, cannabis oil can also protect your brain from toxicity. And if you have an aged-dog, the oil will help to protect the brain cell from dying. It is better option for you to visit this site to know about

However, it’s not safe to administer cannabis oil to dogs in any of the following medication;

  • Steroids
  • Liver or Kidney medications
  • Heart medication
  • NSAIDs
  • Anxiety medication
  • Allergy meds

In conclusion, cannabis oil is good for dogs. It’s a healthy and life-saving treatment for your dogs. But discuss with your veterinarians before you start using cannabis oil for your dogs.

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