Can High Quality Packaging Be Sustainable?

Many businesses are moving toward sustainable options for a better future. However, clients are often concerned about the quality differences between their old choices and newer, more sustainable options. It is vital to understand that sustainability does not mean less quality. Sustainable options have the same quality, if not better, than traditional, less eco-friendly packaging of the past.

What To Look For In High Quality Packaging

When choosing high-quality packaging, first ensure that it is actually sustainable. Sustainability can be a selling point and a buzzword, so you will want to do a little investigation to ensure that what you choose to work with is just what it says. Using GreenScreen or checking BCorps for sustainability information is an excellent way to review materials for their actual efforts.

How To Recycle Packaging

All sustainable packaging is not the same. Of course, there are always differences in adherence to certification. While it does all reduce a business’s carbon footprint, the way it is processed also differs. Knowing the differences in how to recycle post-consumer recycled packaging and recyclable packaging can help ensure the continued cycle and impact of the overall sustainability of a business.

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Packaging

Post-consumer recycled packaging is something to look for when checking the quality of packaging. If the packaging is PCR, the consumer can rest easy knowing that their goods have been packaged with high-quality recycled materials that will be easier biodegraded. There is no additional step for the consumer because PCR material is the last step of the sustainability cycle for the packaging.

Recyclable Packaging

Recyclable packaging, however, is made up of recyclable materials that are accepted at most all centers, depending on criteria. The onus is then on consumers and the efficacy of area recycling systems to continue the sustainability cycle for packaging. This additional step can sometimes be problematic because of limited access and options.

What Does Sustainable Packaging Look Like

High quality, sustainable packaging should look almost identical to older, less eco-friendly packaging of the past. The differing information should be in the details. Smart flexible packaging options for post-consumer recycled packaging can be roll stock, lay flat pouches, and stand up sustainable pouches.

Products are marked as PCR leave the consumer with no additional obligation. Quality post-consumer packaging should also match regular flexible packaging. No light, oxygen, or gases will compromise the barrier of quality PCR packaging to reach your product, expertly protecting it.

How To Choose Sustainable Packaging

Choosing sustainable packaging offers the same high-quality advantages that traditional packaging has in the past. Barrier protection from outside elements and spoilage are still the number one priorities of sustainable packing makers. Understanding that recyclable materials in sustainable packaging mean that the consumer has an additional step may be a consideration for businesses when choosing materials.

Post-consumer recycled materials fulfill sustainability quotas and leave no burden on the consumer to complete the cycle to lessen environmental impact. High-quality, post-consumer recycled materials provide flexible and smarter packaging options that businesses should consider for a more sustainable future.

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