Can Anyone Be Tracked Using an RFID Tag?

One word answer to this question is yes! It is always possible as Radio frequency identification is quite popular nowadays and is mostly used by enterprises to tag their items and recall necessary information when needed. If the same tag is connected to a person, he/she can be tracked.

For a more elaborate answer, we should understand the basic principle on which RFID technology works. RFID technology consists of a tag, reader, transponder and inventory software. By using this technology, we can track any product or people.

How Does Tracking Work?

First, we need to tag the item or person we want to track. This tag emits radio waves that can be traced using an RFID reader. Mainly two types of RFID are present in the market. One is passive RFID, and the other is called active RFID.

Passive RFID

We can use passive RFID whenever we want to trace people through the doorways or portals. As the tag is comparatively less costly, it is popular and widely used by many. The antenna setup is quite simple for passive RFID.

Active RFID

More costly active RFID is widely popular for big enterprises.  It can instantly locate any tag and send a signal to the main system when there is a tag movement. Expensive but not so reliable GPS can be replaced by an active RFID, which is more reliable and trustworthy.

Apart from these, we also need RFID software. It sets up all the components in no time. RFID software is the one-stop solution for all of your problems. You can view live locations, record their movements, and do many things with this tag.

Applications OF RFID Tracker

  • Inventory RFID system is one of the most used items. Using an RFID tag in the warehouse becomes a cakewalk to track all the packages and locate them when it departs.
  • RFID hospital inventory management is another widely used sector. It is necessary to track all important equipment in hospitals and medical packages. We can trace the regular updates of some critical patients as well using the same technology.
  • Retail chains are already using RFID tags to secure their products from stealing.
  • Billing and making payments are now a lot easy than previous.
  • It provides standard security services for women and children as well. Concerned people can see their real-time locations whenever they want.

These are some of the uses of an RFID device. Its potential is huge. From small households to big corporations, we can use it endlessly.

Especially after Covid, the world has changed a lot. People desire a hustle free, simple service. RFID is a major step towards that contactless service. It saves our time by doing a lot of work automatically. Every data received is secured and saved for further action,  so there’s nothing to worry about!


So, how much does it cost to set up an RFID system? It depends upon how much range you want and what kind of system you want. A passive RFID system will cost you less but gives you a shorter range, whereas an active RFID system will cost you considerably more but provides a long and reliable range.

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