Business Ideas for the Animal Loving Entrepreneur

The pet industry is extremely popular and growing rapidly. You could soon turn your passion for pets into profits with some thought, creativity, and a good plan. If you are an animal lover and want to start your own business, a business centered around Fido and Fluffy may be your perfect career choice. Here are a few examples of types of popular pet-focused businesses.

Operating a Cat Cafe

Cat cafes are one of the increasingly popular new business trends in the pet industry. People love sitting around drinking coffee or tea while interacting with several cafe cats. The felines are allowed to roam free throughout the cafe so they can visit with their human customers as they wish.

Dog Walking

Many people love getting out with dogs and taking a long walk on a nice day. You can do plenty of this as a dog walker while getting great exercise. The best thing is you’ll be making money doing both. Unfortunately, you will also have to take your doggy clients out on not-so-nice days, but you will still have your furry friend by your side.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a very versatile and fun way to make a living. You can work it around your schedule, specifying which days and hours you can look after pets. You can also pet sit overnight in the owner’s home. Some people are looking for more specialized treatment for their pets, such as a sitter who is experienced in administering medication to pets. You may also only be interested in sitting for only dogs or cats, or possibly only small dogs.

Pet Boarding

People always look for good places to keep their pets while traveling. They want to avoid putting their furbabies in places that remind them of the animal shelter. If you don’t want to pet sit at someone else’s house, you can board pets from your home or another facility. Pet owners often like knowing that their pets are enjoying luxury treatment as if on vacation themselves. Some pet boarders offer spa-like pampering for cats and dogs. Pet boarders can also enjoy fun interactions with other animals and people. Create a niche with your pet boarding business, offering a service others don’t provide or simply being exceptional at what you do.

Pet Grooming

Grooming is essential for pet health and is also needed to keep up appearances and avoid odors. You may enjoy learning pet grooming skills if you’re good with animals and helping them feel at ease. As a groomer, you will do some or all of the following: bathing, drying, trimming hair, styling hair, and clipping nails. You can work independently from your home or a business facility. You can even operate from a mobile grooming truck and take it to your clients. You may enjoy offering other services as well, like pet massage.

Photographing Pets

Many people love getting professional photos of their pets. If you’re good at photography and love all types of animals, you could be in demand as a pet photographer. Like working with children, it can sometimes be challenging to get your furry subjects to sit still or “smile,” but once you capture their personality, the pet owner will rave about your work as they show it to their friends. You could choose a specialty such as studio shoots, strictly outdoor shots, or even specializing in action shots. Incorporate the pet’s human family members into the shoots, also.

Running a Doggy Daycare

Running a daycare for dogs can be a lot of work but also very much worth it, given the fun you’ll have with your furry buddies. Dog parents want to know their furry little ones are cared for during the day. The dogs enjoy socializing with their canine companions, playing outside, and eating meals and treats while in daycare. Some doggy daycares feature fancy playgrounds and even pools for swimming.

Begin today by putting together a plan for your pet business. You can be sure that whatever field you choose, you will be able to put your passion for pets into something you love doing.

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