Bulova vs Tissot: What Is Main Difference?

Since their founding in the 1800s, Bulova and Tissot have both been very well-established watchmakers. They are both unique in their own way. These brands have set some records over the years.

The similarities between these two watchmakers may make it difficult to choose between them. As a result, in this Bulova vs Tissot comparison guide, we will compare these brands gently, and no, we will not be comparing models head-to-head. Don’t worry if you see a model somewhere in this guide. So let’s explore more about Bulova VS Tissot.

Bulova vs Tissot: Design

Due to their evergreen designs and craftsmanship, both brands are known for quality watches. In terms of their stainless steel cases and intricate designs, these brands offer premium watches.


Among the users, Bulova’s designs have grown in popularity. Bulova offers an extensive collection of sports and luxury watches, as well as chronographs and minimalist designs. Bulova might be the right choice if you’re more into the design aspect of the watch.


Tissot also produces great designs that look great on the wrist, even though its collection isn’t as vivid as Bulova’s. Tissot makes watches in most or all segments including chronographs, sports watches, and luxury watches.

If you love minimalism, Tissot has what you need. Even though the collection might not be as extensive as Bulova, we recommend trying Tissot since design choice varies from person to person.

 Bulova vs Tissot: Strength and Quality

In any case, we won’t be comparing apples to oranges unless we weren’t doing this a decade ago. Tissot and Bulova both make watches that can withstand a lot of abuse.

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Both brands make watches using stainless steel cases. A stainless steel case provides ultimate protection without numbing your wrists. Visit Here: topworld56


The sapphire crystal used by Tissot watches might give the brand an edge. Sapphire crystals are notoriously difficult to shape. Sapphire crystals are scratch-resistant, however. Tissot watches can withstand depths between 30 and 100 meters.

Steel or leather straps are available with a Tissot Watch. In addition to quartz watches, Tissot also produces digital watches with rubber or nylon straps that offer a certain level of comfort. Tissot offers quartz, automatic, and smartwatch models.


Bulova used to make watches using mineral crystals, but is now switching to Sapphire for long-lasting watch faces. Bulova manufactures quartz and automatic watches made from stainless steel. Accutron is the brand’s first electric watch.

Tissot watches and Bulova watches have similar water resistance ratings. This watch’s 262 kHz quartz crystal and curved chronograph movement should give you an idea of the brand’s dedication.

Bulova watches come with either a steel or leather strap. Tissot, however, has the advantage over Bulova because it lacks smartwatches.

Bulova VS Tissot: Pricing

Due to their experience and fame, both brands offer high-end watches in the midrange category. You can invest as much as you wish in both brands’ more expensive and luxurious watches that cost up to $1500.

Gold and diamond watches are more expensive. Bulova’s most expensive watch is the Joseph Bulova, which costs up to $42,000. The most expensive watch is Tissot’s Heritage Navigator Men’s Automatic watch. The price is $8250.

You should consider their midrange watches, which also look more premium. Bulova’s cheap watches are not very accurate, so we don’t recommend getting one.

Bulova Precisionist 98B152

Bulova Precisionist is a line of watches that offer unmatched precision and accuracy. The Precisionist technology was developed by Bulova as a follow-up to Accutron.

Due to the technology, the typical frequency is increased by over eight times, giving these watches an astounding accuracy of +/-10 seconds per year. The Bulova Precisionist 98B152 is the best of the best among these watches. With a rose-gold design and black details, the 98B152 is a stunning watch.

Tissot T-Race T0484172705700

Tissot’s T-Race T0484172705700 is a sports watch. There are many sporting events and leagues around the world associated with this one. There is no better choice for all your sports and workout needs.

Even with mixed-gas diving, you can take it confidently into the water. Its stiff and sporty design makes it the perfect hiking and trekking companion.

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