Bring Life into Your Boring Presentations with Vibrant PowerPoint Themes

If you have an important PowerPoint deck that needs to be projected to your clients, then you need to ensure that it attracts their attention. Your client might have seen thousands of decks, so what would make them choose yours?

Catching the Eye of the Audience with Themes

You have all the content added to your deck. Your graphs and charts are in place, but still, something is lacking in your presentation. Are you familiar with this feeling? This is the time where you might want to re-visit your deck and add a little color to it. How this can be done is through themes.

If you are using Google Slides for your presentations, you can choose the default themes shared by them. If you are not happy with the default themes, then you can check out other Google slide themes shared on online sites such as These themes can be easily downloaded on your laptop, desktop, smartphones, and tablets making it convenient for you to work from any place. 

Changing themes is easy. You just need to click on the Design tab and choose the theme of your choice. If you want to apply themes only to selected slides, then you just need to highlight the selected slides by holding the Ctrl or Cmd button and applying the themes. 

You can even import themes by using the Design Tab – Browse option and selecting the presentation where you want to import the theme to. If you want your theme to look a little colorful and vibrant, you can use the color variants as per your requirement and add them. You can choose these options to both change the colors and background of your deck. 

Creating a Powerful Impact with your Presentation

If this is your first time creating a deck for an important client, then you might need to start from scratch and incorporate the right theme, colors, styles, and background to your deck. 

Some basic tips that can help make your presentation appealing to your audience are:

  • Choosing the right color scheme to match with your slides
  • Alignment of the proper fonts. Larger fonts for titles and small ones for texts
  • Using Slide Master to customize your fonts and background for the parent slide
  • Formatting your slides by using the slide design background element
  • Having all your placeholders in place which also includes your date, time, and slide numbers

If you need to crop images to fit your deck, then you can make use of the “Crop to aspect ratio” or resize your image to fit the complete slide. You can even add animations or transitions to relevant sides. Ensure that you use these to a minimum as they may distract the audience from the main topic.

Now that your presentation is complete, you can preview the same using the Slideshow view. You can even customize your slides by adding your company logo or vision, thereby improving the brand appeal of your company. 


Minute details set the tone for your entire presentation. Now that you have got the hang of creating a presentation, you can experiment with your content and create an impact deck for your audience. 

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