Brief Guide to Home Security and Safe Rent

Renting an apartment usually gives you the freedom that owning one could never provide. Whether it’s the price of amenities or taxes, renting property tends to be cheaper, especially in the short perspective.

Still, renting comes with its own set of problems to solve, one of which is safety. Today we will talk about safe rent, security systems, and measures you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones.

What Safe Rent Is

Renting a property usually has its risks. When moving in you could never know how secure the apartment is. That’s why according to the Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHA) landlords have legal obligations to keep your home in repair and fit. Serious hazards and tenant security are their primary concerns.

Rent can be considered safe if the landlord doesn’t harass their tenants and keeps the property in good condition and fit for human habitation. We also recommend running a background check with the landlord or local house inspector and checking up on credit score services like Saferent Solutions LLC.

What Safety Measures You Can Take

There are multiple checks that you should make on a property before and after you rent. Follow these carefully if you want to rent safely.

Before Moving In

Before moving in check for:

  • A working smoke alarm on each floor
  • A carbon monoxide alarm fitted(for properties with open fires)
  • A gas safety certificate
  • An Energy Performance Certificate
  • Working hot water and heating systems
  • Obvious health and safety issues
  • The location of refuse and recycling collectors
  • Safety and good working order of electrical installations
  • The off switch to gas and hot water supply in case of an emergency

After Moving In

After moving in there is a set of responsibilities both for you and the landlord. For example, the tenant should:

  • Know the location of the stopcock, fuse box, and any meters for the boiler and other appliances
  • Test the smoke alarms and CO2 detectors at least once a month
  • Obtain the insurance for your belongings
  • Report any need for repairs to your landlord

As for the property managers, their responsibilities include:

  • Maintain the structure and exterior of the property
  • Deal with the problems concerning water, electricity, and gas supply
  • Carry out repairs
  • Arrange for an annual gas safety inspection
  • Arrange for a 5-yearly electrical safety inspection
  • Fit smoke detectors and CO2 alarms
  • Ensure safety from serious hazards

Best Home Security Systems for Renters

All of these rules make safe rent quite complicated, but smart home devices are here to help. You don’t have to be a homeowner to benefit from home security systems. These are a must-have if you are leaving alone or with kids and elderly relatives.

No need to drill holes in the walls or change the existing wiring, the market offers many devices that are renter-friendly. There are a lot of DIY home security systems to choose from, but a full set usually consists of:

Security Camera

Security cameras are a great way of protecting your home from intruders or checking up on any dangers in the house. They could be freestanding or easily mounted.

Entry Sensor

Smart entry sensors will notify you if there is an entry to the house. If the house is locked, these motion detectors will trigger an alarm. Thus, they work best with home alarm systems.

Smart Lock

Another great way to protect yourself from intruders is a smart lock. It lets you lock and unlock the door remotely via an app. This is also helpful if you misplace the keys or forget to lock the door.

Doorbell Camera

Video doorbells provide you with live video insight, which is helpful to check for a delivery or greet visitors while being away.

Home Base

To work properly all of the devices have to be connected via WiFi and the base station is a smart home hub that lets you control how it all works.

How Allswell Helps Renters’ Personal Safety

Achieving the ultimate peace of mind is difficult even with the home security systems installed, that’s why we recommend taking care of your personal safety with a mobile app. For example, AllsWell Alert is a great application for renters to keep an eye on their loved ones. It uses inactivity monitoring to notify family and friends of any dangers that happen to the user.

Moreover, AllsWell Alert is completely free for 30 days. Download the app and take care of your home security with AllsWell!