Blockchain technology drives fair gaming today

Owing to its cryptographic features, it offers enhanced security for all your transactions for just about anything that you can imagine under the sun. Earlier, this technology was used for seamless remittances but these days, it has found wide application for online gaming.

In this article, let us find out more about its application in the virtual gambling market. Read on for more information in the paragraphs that follow.

There is always a stiff competition among the casino or online gaming owners each trying to convince players that theirs’ is the best and that they are unparalleled. However, there is no doubt that players always have a hunch about whether the games that are offered to them are fair or not. And this is what has happened all these years until blockchain technology was introduced.

The usual scenario in gaming.

If you call a game fair, it means all your players at the casino adhere to the rules and regulations that you as a casino owner have laid down. It is expected that every player will follow the rules. And if a particular player tries to cheat, it is instantly identified by the others present there. The same applies to game of cards. However, when a player is engaged in real-time games there are little chances to track if he is trying to hoodwink the other players or whether the casino owner is trying to take his players for a ride.

With the advent of blockchain technology, this difficulty has been done away with. Players can now find out whether or not a game is legitimate or not through open sourced blockchain technology.

If you abide by the norms of fair play, you can also be assured that the casino platform will be ready to shell out the best casino rewards for their players, especially the ones that comply with the rules of the game.

How will you understand if a game is fair?

For the conventional web-based games, it is not possible to assess whether a game was fair. However, this technology has changed the way the virtual game is played in a fair manner. The blockchain technology is open sourced and this is the reason you will be able to view the code and find out how fair the game that will be played is. In case of blockchain technology, every network has a unique code that the players can view.

Following are the ways in which you can find out about the fairness of the games-

1. A sequence is produced by the game and this sequence is in form of letters and numbers. It is called “hash” and this is produced before the game begins.

2. Each unique key represents a particular game, and you will not be able to alter the sequence of the game.

3. Once you play the game the results can be determined.

After the completion of the game, the secret key and the sequence is made public. The sequence as mentioned above is in form of letters and numbers. With the help of a hash calculator, you must plug in the secret key so that you get the game hash.

If you find that the hash is the same as the hash you were provided before the beginning of the game, the game is said to be fair.