Best wet basement solution for your home

To maintain the look of your home and your family’s health, it is very important to get the wetness out of your basement and fix the cause. Not only does this dampness in your basement smell musty, but it also poses a big threat to your home. If the moisture is unchecked, it can damage walls, windows, doors, boost bacterial growth, and even the ceiling.

If the problem is not so severe, it can be cured easily by clearing the gutters or diverting water away from the home. But if the problem is big, then these simple steps would not work; rather, you will have to resort to the help of specialists.

How to fix the water leakage problem in your basement?

After noticing a leaky basement, you need to do something about it. Various techniques of fixing leakage depend largely upon individual needs and the severity of the problem in your basement. You should take the help of a specialist in deciding which method would be the best.

Land Grading:

Often poor land grading is the cause of seepage in the basement. Properly observe the land around your home and ensure land slopes away from your home. If you see a slope in the wrong direction, consider the land around your home. You can put a good amount of soil to correct the direction of the slope so that the water slopes away from the house. This will make sure that the water is diverted away from your home.

Gutter installation:

A good amount of moisture reaches your basement if your gutters are not in proper working condition. If you don’t have a gutter outside your home, install it. If there are gutters around your home, get them cleaned as debris clogs gutters, so the water does not collect around your foundation and reach your basement.

Sump pump:

A pit is dug in your basement, and a sump pump is installed. When the water level increases, it touches the activator. Since the water exerts pressure on the float activator, it starts to collect water. Once it has collected enough water, it pushes the water through a pipe, away from your home. This prevents any accumulation of water around the foundation.


You can also resort to waterproofing. There are two types- interior and exterior. For interior waterproofing, all you have to do is apply a sealant to the walls and floor of your basement. While for exterior waterproofing, you can take the help of experts. It is comparatively expensive, but it will maintain the condition of your basement for years.

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