Best Time to Visit Great Sand Dunes National Park

The perfect time to visit the Great Sand Dunes National Park is based on your preferences. First, if you are interested in camping, camping is viable from April to October, but it can be extremely cold at the end of the camping season. In summer, you can experience the most comfortable camping condition due to the temperature that manages to be low in the evening. All seasons are striking in North America’s biggest dunes, so the perfect time to tour the Great Sand Dunes National Park is based on your tolerance for cold or hot weather and what activity you find interesting.

The busiest camping season is August and July, and late June and May bring plenty of visitors who wish to swim in Medano Creek. But if you possess flexibility, don’t like crowds, and are comfortable with cooler temperatures, it is best to visit the Great Sand Dunes in early fall or late spring.

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Great Sand Dunes Lodge

The Great Sand Dunes Lodge is located at the Great Sand Dunes National Park entrance, settled at the foothills of the Front Range of the Rockies. It is set at an altitude of eight thousand one hundred feet, with its backyard overlooking the Sangre De Christo, filled with pinion pines on the sloping range with the height of fourteen thousand feet peaks.

The huge expanse of the San Luis Valley wits the antelope and deer play, and the buffaloes roam, lies in the west. Over it on the solitary horizon are the San Juan Mountains. Positioned out on the patio facing west is a stunning sunset that attracts both professional and beginner photographers alike. It is an enchanting spot for hikers that make it to the top as they are rewarded with the view of pure lakes. However, the primary attraction here is the ever available Great Sand Dues, similar to a painting with mountains with irregular peaks.

Great Sand Dunes National Park Sledding

Though you can sled down dunes, it is more complex compared to snow sledding. You can’t use obsolete widgets like a cookie sheet, a waiver, a piece of cardboard, or a toboggan. You need to use a sandboard or a unique sand sled. Even though the park does not rent or sell these, the locals do. So, it is recommended to buy one before heading to the park.

Practically, sand sledding seems easy as all you need to do is sit upright, lean back a little, and push. Also, don’t go sand sledding in your shoes but preferably in your socks. Some other information on sledding includes going in the early evening or morning during summertime, as the temperature of the sand is as high as one hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, there are usually thunderstorms in the afternoon. In fall or spring, the temperature is mild, but the afternoons get windy.

How To Make a Sand Sled

Sand sleds can have either round or a square tail, with two edges that are not necessary to be asymmetrical. The body of the sled board is required to be wide enough to occupy at most two people at the same time, the width should be around 25cm. The length of an adult asked board should be about 11cm and 100cm for children. Dissimilar to sand boards, you do not need to square the board with foot bindings but instead a seat pad or handgrips. For the seat pad, you need people some adhesive cushion padding to put on the back of the sled board.

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