Best Surrogacy Agency in Mexico: Easy and Affordable

For women who can’t carry children on their own, surrogacy is their best and only option for becoming a mother. Such a program is entirely legal in Mexico. And the doctors in the clinic are experienced working many years with surrogate mothers. You can completely trust in this procedure of surrogacy in Mexico.

When Is Surrogacy Treatment Recommended?

  • The uterus is missing (congenital or acquired);
  • The hollow or the cervix deforms;
  • Endometrial structural-morphological or anatomical alterations that result in a decrease of embryo implantation efficiency and uterine cavity adhesion that cannot be addressed;
  • Severe somatic illnesses that put a woman’s health at risk during pregnancy;
  • Unsuccessful recurrent ART attempts despite receiving high-quality embryos, which were transferred but did not result in pregnancy.

The World Center of Baby has taken a stride forward in the surrogacy industry in Mexico. Our cost of surrogacy in Mexico program offers both national and foreign parents a cost-effective and economical gestational surrogacy alternative. The agency works with the most outstanding and most experienced lawyers to guarantee no obstacles to you and your kid safely returning home. Because our brand precedes us, our Mexico office is run with the same perfect degree of care, efficiency, and professionalism that you would expect from a business. You can read the reviews on the forum.

Is Surrogacy Legally Practiced in Mexico: Surrogacy Laws in Mexico

Yes! The point is that the Mexican federal government does not regulate or prohibit law surrogacy in Mexico, and the courts fully uphold and abide by any legal agreements between intended parents and their surrogates. All parties receive independent legal counsel, and contracts are signed months before embryo transfer. The only Mexican state that claims that surrogacy is entirely illegal is Queretaro and Sonora. Surrogacy in Tabasco was also banned in 2016 for parents from other countries. However, this does not affect the conclusion of surrogacy agreements in different states of Mexico. The World Center of Baby surrogacy agency in Mexico works with qualified and knowledgeable surrogacy lawyers in Mexico who have years of experience and have proven no limits for surrogacy in Mexico outside Queretaro, Sonora, and Tabasco states.

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Is Surrogacy Available in Mexico for Gay Couples or Single Parents?

Yes! Surrogacy in Mexico is available for both same-sex couples and single parents for a low price. Mexico is ideal for same-sex couples for several reasons, including its low cost, proximity to the United States, gender selection, and the availability of surrogates.

The surrogacy program uses the eggs and sperm of a married couple. That is, the genetic material will be a married couple or one of the spouses. Embryos obtained from in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment are transferred to the body of another woman – a surrogate mother.

A surrogate mother can be an adult woman in good physical and mental condition who already has a healthy kid.

Surrogacy is a program in which a perfectly healthy woman chooses to conceive using assisted reproductive technology, bore and give birth to a child, and then leave the kid to her genetic parents to nurture.

The surrogacy solution in the World Center of Baby combines careful diagnosis, selection, and preparation of the surrogate mom for the fertilization program.

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