Best Rocket League Cars 2021 – How Do These Battle-Cars Effect Your Gameplay?

What is the best car in Rocket League? It is a difficult question to answer because there are no statistics with mathematical values to know, but we will find out by looking for the best most used cars, also using our own experience. Let’s go there.

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When looking for the best car in Rocket League we have to take into account the hitboxes of each car, and what are they? Well, the impact boxes, the virtual modeling that surrounds each vehicle and determines how it hits and how it is hit, what effects it causes and how it relates to the playing field.

These hitboxes are key to deciding which is the best car in Rocket League, because if they resemble the shape of the car itself you can count on a more intuitive control of all your actions and how you throw the ball through the field, how you control the aerials and the most advanced techniques. With that clear, we begin our search. And if you want to collect any of new car body, check out, in where you can buy cheap Rocket League items.

Best Rocket League Car Candidate – Dominus

Dominus is one of our favorites precisely why we tell you above. Its body is almost, almost the same as its hitbox, offers very precise control and has a top hitbox perfect for dribbling bounce and aerials. We also love the trajectory he gives to the ball. For all this, Dominus is one of the best cars in Rocket League, if not the best.

Best Rocket League Car Candidate – Breakout

Breakout has two key characteristics in relation to its hitboxes: it is very long, more than Dominus and only surpassed in this by the batmobile. It is also very low. These two qualities make it a perfect game for ground play, while the Dominus performs better when it comes to aerials.

That is to say, determining if the best car in Rocket League is this or Dominus depends on how you play. The truth is that to get all its juice out of Breakout you have to play with your head, dominus being an easier vehicle to enjoy and versatile. Anyway, we recommend that you try Breakout because it opens up new avenues F95zone for gameplay.

Best Rocket League Car Candidate – Octane

If Dominus is tall and Breakout is long, Octane is a box, it is a square in which its surface stands out. Do not pay attention to the statistics, because the truth is that it works very well, especially for those who are starting to play, both to attack and when it comes to dribbling.

Octane is a solid vehicle and one of the most expensive car with costing over 10k Rocket League credits, it is easier to understand how it behaves because its proportions are similar to the top and length, with what ends up being a car with which to play comfortably. In fact, the ideal is to start with Octane, and depending on how you prefer to play you then move on to Dominus or Breakout.

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Best Rocket League Car Winner – Dominus

This is our personal opinion, but it is that we love it, it is the one with which we feel most comfortable playing and in which it gives us the best results. We know that we did not invent the wheel with this decision because it is one of the preferred cars since the alpha phase of the game and we have no doubt that it will also sweep the Switch.

Anyway, we give you an alternative to these three cars: The Ripper, and why? Because it is as tall as Dominus and as long as the Octane. It also tests the Venom, which has an intermediate impact box between both cars and also gives good results.

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