Best painting for living room according to Feng Shui

Since ancient times, people have sought to make their homes not only warm and safe from intruders, but also beautiful. It was customary in ancient Greece to decorate mostly plain houses with bright carpets and drawings.

The Romans, too, followed the tradition of making their homes as comfortable as possible. They decorated the walls with mosaics and painted on them for these purposes. Icons are used as house decorations in Russia.

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And it wasn’t until the seventeenth century that paintings for the interior became more popular. Initially, the paintings were mostly decorated with the interiors of royal families or wealthy nobility.

Paintings later became an essential feature in the interior design of other segments of the population’s homes. It’s difficult to imagine a modern home without paintings in the interior these days.

It is critical to select the appropriate paintings, reproductions, photographs, canvas prints, and etchings. Then they can literally change the appearance of the house beyond recognition.

The paintings in the interior make the house comfortable and one-of-a-kind. Each of the objects in the interior can hold a specific amount of information. As a result, paintings can elicit joyful and kind emotions, as well as the desire to create and work, to love and enjoy life.

However, there are some images that will invariably become associated with sadness and will also elicit depressive states. The ability to hang paintings on the walls with taste is a true art. It is critical not to go too far.

Try to focus on the individuality of the style when embodying design ideas. Asceticism in the created image creates the impression that something is missing.

If there are too many paintings in the interior, the overload they create will put the person under stress.
If the interior allows for various details of the situation, a single style can be easily violated. When selecting a painting for the interior, consider whether it will blend in with the rest of the room’s ensemble of objects.

An interior painting can simply fill a void on one of the walls. Alternatively, it can establish a new sound in the general style. You can replace not-too-expensive works of art on a regular basis to avoid falling out of fashion and time.

Follow this rule when selecting paintings for the interior of your home. A work of art’s plot must always have a positive theme and a light energy.
Avoid paintings that depict scenes of war or violence, or that represent destruction, fears, or diseases in the interior. Images of various monsters are also prohibited.

How to Select a Painting for the Interior of a Living Room

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When selecting a picture for the interior of the living room, it is best to go with very bright, literally sunny colors. It could also be an image of an urban landscape.

How to Select a Bedroom Painting

If you choose a picture for the bedroom interior, it should complement the relaxing atmosphere. Images of the sea in the form of a racing sailboat, wind, storm, thunderstorm, or waterfall, on the other hand, will not be appropriate.

It is preferable to select a plot that is as restrained and calming as possible. A young couple in love can look great in a bedroom interior.

What is the best way to choose a picture for the kitchen?

The flowers depicted in the picture or the still life that inspires an appetite can enhance the atmosphere of comfort in the kitchen decoration. Still lifes represent prosperity and abundance in the home, while flowers represent the harmony that results from a warm relationship. Colorful plates and ceramic vases on the kitchen walls will also look nice.

Beautiful landscapes will be an excellent choice for a study. If the office is decorated in a classic style, you can hang paintings depicting the plot of a successful hunt on the walls.

If the image depicts a view of high or pointed mountains, it should be placed behind the back of the work chair. Mountains represent stability, dependability, and support. Images of a flowing river, a waterfall, a lake framed by rocky shores, or a mountain stream can be hung on the wall in front of the table.

Lavelart Autumn River Landscape by Jasper Francis Cropsey

The energy inherent in water will be conveyed by such a picture. And, according to Eastern belief, she can bring a person good fortune and wealth. Landscapes, where a vast expanse of an open field or forest clearing can be seen, can also find a worthy place in front of the desktop.

The child’s room should be decorated with bright and cheerful images of children’s themes. Children’s paintings on the wall are not always oil paintings. You can even frame or enlarge children’s drawings and use them as compact photo wallpapers. Experts advise on how to ensure that a globe image is present in the nursery. This will have a positive impact on the child’s ability to learn.

If you are raising a boy, you can hang a horse picture in the nursery. The image of this animal in Feng Shui represents the child’s mental development, perseverance, and endurance.

A seascape with a sailboat running on all sails can also be used to decorate a boy’s room. This will subconsciously encourage children’s perceptions to rise to the top.

Feng Shui paintings

It is advised to decorate a young unmarried girl’s room with paintings of blooming peonies.

According to Eastern mythology, constant concentration on these flowers will result in a successful marriage. Abstracts with bright and even very contrasting drawings can be placed in the living room, hallway, and hallway. However, it is critical that they represent an action.

Lavelart Summer Village “Shore” by Richard Uutmaa

If the landscape in the photograph reflects a specific time of year, then the location should be appropriate. So, if it’s a summer landscape or still life, hang it on the south-facing walls of a room.

The golden autumn in the image will look best in the southwest. As a result, the snow-white winter should “settle” in the dwelling’s northern wing.

Any family portraits are the most powerful objects in terms of energy. Such images inevitably accumulate a tremendous amount of energy for the energy of unity and well-being. They should not, however, be placed opposite the front door or the door to the toilet.

The walls opposite the stairs and the entrance to the basement are also unsuitable for family portraits. If your home has a staircase, it is best to hang urban landscapes above it.

How to Put a Picture on a Wall

A plain wall is the best background option for any of the paintings. However, not every painting will look good on brightly colored walls. It is critical to remember that the saturated color of the walls themselves act as an accent for attention.

And the plot of the picture is easily lost in such a riot of colors. If the wall is light in color, almost any type of painting will look good on it. If you notice that a picture blends in with the surface of the wall after hanging it, “enclose” it in a contrasting frame. It is customary to decorate rooms with either a single work or the entire composition. However, it is most logical to place them on a wall that receives plenty of sunlight.

If the composition is made in a symmetrical order, it will inspire a person’s inner balance and order. However, when it comes to hanging paintings on the wall, it is always best to go with your gut instinct. Also, your spatial perception. Experiments that are daring are always welcome. You can start by drawing the composition’s layout on the floor and then transferring it to the wall’s surface.

Another intriguing feature of the paintings is their size. They frequently allow you to adjust the dimensions of the furniture slightly. As a result, if you place a large picture over a large sofa, the sofa will appear smaller.

If you can’t find a suitable plot for a large picture, hang six or eight graphic works very close together. They should have the same dimensions. Their frames should also have the same appearance.

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In Scandinavian interiors, abstract painting, expressionism, and avant-gardism are most commonly used. An abstract painting or poster, regardless of style, is always a good choice for any room. Such a painting is not obligated to anything, but rather conveys a person’s emotion, mood. As a result, select works that appeal to you.

Abstract paintings, murals, mirrors, designer wallpapers, and posters complement the Scandinavian aesthetic. It’s worth experimenting with shape and color because the results can be unpredictable. It is critical to understand what you want: to complement the interior or to make a bold statement.

The painting’s traditional placement is above the sofa, at the dining table, or above the bed. Mirrors always look good in the living room because they add space. Posters can be hung on the wall next to the desktop, and paintings can be combined with vases or candlesticks. Furthermore, the canvases can be beautifully highlighted with decorative sconces.