Best Online Jobs of 2022 in Internet Marketing and How to choose an online profession?

The development of Internet professions gives the way to the world of remote earnings, free schedule, and continuous personal growth. There are many options for online work. If you have been eyeing remote work for a long time, but have not yet decided which activity to choose, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of the most popular Internet professions in 2022, as well as read the recommendations for choosing them.

The best online jobs of 2022 will provide not only stable income but also confidence in the future because in-demand specialists only increase their value to the employer over the years. Moreover, developing in any popular area, you can always deepen your specialization and become simply irreplaceable.

Of course, it is impossible to list absolutely all professions and areas within the framework of the article, so we will outline only the most popular ones. In our article, we will talk about who is most in demand in the fields of marketing, design, education, and IT and what requirements are put forward for such specialists.

SMM manager

The Digital 2021 April global stats hot report showed that the number of people who use social media increased by 521 million users during the year. Entrepreneurs followed their consumers, which is why there are a lot of business accounts on Instagram*, Facebook* and TikTok. An SMM manager must be well aware of the policy of each social network, be able to find an approach to different categories of users, know and apply the basics of content and advertising management in their work, able to use various automation systems, including Email marketing automation

What skills should an SMM manager have?

  • Create a common image of consumers.
  • Create a marketing plan.
  • Make a beautiful and selling account.
  • Engage in filling the working page: upload photos, and videos, shoot stories, write interesting posts, for example, tell about yoga studio software, and,  much more.
  • Promote your account through joint projects with millionaire bloggers.
  • Communicate with the audience.
  • Build a company community.
  • Follow progress.

This specialist should be able to write texts, communicate with people, analyze and correct errors in work, and create a design. It happens that in addition to his main activity, he is engaged in targeting (advertising that is shown to the target audience of a particular brand). And yet, this is often the job of a targeted advertising specialist.

Targeted advertising specialist

An equally popular online profession in 2022 is a targeting specialist. This is a person who is well aware of the policy of social networks, develops advertising and attracts users interested in the company’s services, using the created portrait of the target audience. Such a portrait is collected on the basis of data on the age, place of residence, gender, and marital status of consumers. With the help of a single customer image, targeted advertising is shown only to people who will be interested in the promoted product, agency tools, and services.

To be successful in this industry, a specialist must understand psychology, and advertising, and be able to collect and analyze user data.

Targeter Skills:

  • divide users into groups;
  • indicate how much money you need to invest in advertising;
  • write texts and design;
  • develop and place ads on different platforms and apps for consultants
  • engage in analysis and improvement.

The Targeter should be aware of any changes in social networks and be able to solve problems with the technical support of sites.

SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist is engaged in website promotion in Google or Yandex search engines through special requests. In order to successfully bring the site to the first lines in the search, the SEO specialist collects a lot of data, embeds keywords on the pages, and creates a holistic image. A person in this profession must understand how search engines work, know what rules exist for filling sites, and what kind of plugins to use, are you know about the best WooCommerce plugins?

SEO Skills:

  • analysis of the site;
  • compiling a list of keywords and phrases;
  • change the content of the site in accordance with frequent search queries;
  • increase the number of transitions to the site, due to links to other resources, thereby promoting it in the search;
  • monitor promotion performance.

An SEO specialist will not be out of place to have Google and Yandex analyst certificates.

Final Thoughts

Choose an online profession in which the soul lies. Many make the mistake of making a choice in favor of highly paid professions. If you start doing a business that, as you think, will give a lot of money, but will not bring pleasure, then there will be a possibility of a quick burnout, and a cold attitude towards your work and clients.

Chat with those who are already making money through online professions. If there are no such people among your acquaintances, find chat rooms for individual professions on social networks, where specialists communicate in an informal setting. They will share their experience, explain all the pros and cons of their activities, and talk about pitfalls. Some important points can only be known to people who are already engaged in remote work. This information can significantly influence your choice.

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