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Why should you use an online keyword position checker?

When users search for the desired keywords, the Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Checker tool tells you where your website’s landing page is appearing, or it’s rank. Checking and tracking the status of keywords on your website is common practice for website owners and businesses. This is how you assess the effectiveness of your current SEO strategy. Earning a position or rank among the top 10 pages is the goal. It’s a good idea to look at statistics to determine the percentage of total traffic directed to your site based on your search location.

About google’s ranking

Google is the world’s largest search engine, and it is the most popular choice for users to search for specific keywords. The distance of your website’s from the home page or SERPS’ determines how much traffic will get directed from the search engine to your website. Google results are divided into two parts- paid advertising and general search results. These general free search results of correct format and relevance, in short, the quality of the content. Paid advertisements do not earn you website traffic or viewers. It is observed that the average general search articles collected about 90% of user clicks, and paid results accounted for the remaining 10%. One should aim for the first page’s top ranks as with the ranks, the number of clicks decreases exponentially. Pages showing on second, third, and so on SERPs are hardly viewed.

How does an online keyword position checker work?

Our tools are free, convenient to use, and easy to understand. You can follow these steps to check the keyword ranking or the website’s status-

  • The user is required to input the SERP where you want to search for the keyword’s position.
  • Its application is flexible to all kinds of websites.
  • Then enter your target keywords.
  • If you don’t know what it is, type short phrases one to three word(s) long that describe the types of amenity, facility, or website provider content.

How to improve keyword position or rank

  • Optimize your website for two hundred factors or more that Google uses to rank search results per Google’s requirement.
  • These factors are high-quality content with hyperlinks and signs of a high level of user satisfaction and attraction.
  • Some recently considered factors are time spent on the site and bounce rate.Bounce rate is the percentage of traffic that doesn’t interact or engage in the website much rather leaves the site after viewing the first page only.

The best keyword rank checker tool is a blessing for all website owners. And therefore, it is important to use only the best keyword planner. One of the sustainable online keyword position checkers is Zutrix. It is a free SERP checker, effective, and easy to use. Zutrix allows you to search through unlimited domains, and you can create an account for free, register, and get started with your keyword position tracking.

With over eight years of experience in the industry and more than two thousand domains tracked, the Zutrix website is credible and extremely efficient. Zutrix works with many reputable brands such as BuzzFeed, Zalando, corsair, TuneIn, etc. Zutrix is a trusted and reputable domain. Zutrix aims to be the best online keyword position checker in the business. Their premium plan offers increased keyword search limits, more domains, and many other tools for SEO convenience.

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Features of Zutrix that make the best online keyword position checker

  • Global Results- They are not dependant on location or place
  • Ai-analyzed Accuracy.
  • Live Notifications
  • Track Competition, compare, and always stay one step ahead.
  • Share Reports labeled white with exclusive links.
  • One of the best keyword planners with insight on volumes, trends, and CPCs (Cost Per Clicks)
  • Keyword Lab for suggestions, recommendations, and ideas

At Zutrix, they value the experience of their clientele. They aim to provide an in-depth assessment of keyword rank conveniently and faster. Zutrix is a reputable domain and believes in secure online transactions. Their excellent customer support is available round the clock. They are there to guide and assist you with any query that you may have.

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