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Forex4you’s technical support is delayed and frequently misleading. Candles are always used to demolish stops unexpectedly. These quotes simply have a passing resemblance to real ones. For a month, your deposit will be frozen. Such absurdity does not exist among ordinary brokers. Only scripts or advisers that do not send stops and takes to the broker are allowed to trade. MT4 was an ancient terminal that was used. It’s just that your terminal isn’t working. Forex4you is unconcerned about the fact that you have acquired indicators and advisers that have been polished for a specific version (and must be rewritten for a new one, which takes time.

Is Forex4You a legitimate Forex broker, or is it a con? Despite the lack of major regulation, Forex4you has done a wonderful job so far! Click the following link to know all about forex trading here at

Types of Broker

A stock broker, a forex broker, a full-service broker, and a discount broker are the four primary types of brokers. While they all serve as a conduit between you and another party, they operate in different ways. Some brokers are strictly ‘execution-only,’ while others execute, advice, and manage your portfolio.

Stock broker: A stock broker, also known as an investment broker, is in charge of managing and executing the purchase and sale of stocks. You would need a stock broker because private investors can’t acquire shares directly from the stock market. The broker will buy and sell the stocks that you want to invest in on your behalf.

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Forex broker: A forex broker, often known as a retail forex broker, acts on your behalf to purchase and sell currencies. Having a forex broker gives you access to the Market 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the chance to speculate on currency pairs all over the world. While forex brokers strive to keep their expenses as low as possible in order to remain competitive in the Market, you will still be charged certain fees while trading with them, including a spread. In the forex market, transactions are made in pairs, so you would either purchase or sell the pair you want to trade, such as GBP/USD.

As we now have a good understanding of what a forex broker is and what it is intended to do, it is time to look at which brokers are considered to be the finest in the business. In order to compile a list of the finest brokers, we put many foreign exchange brokers through their paces in terms of forex quality and CFD trading.

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One of the first brokers to recommend using the services that automatically mimic trades of traders was Forex4you. While investors benefit from a variety of factors, including the fact that their funds remain on their account, they are only rewarded for profitable trades, and they can change the volume of transactions and leverage for their account using Zoom’s specific services. Leaders provide signals in exchange for subscribers copying their trades, allowing you to increase your capital. Furthermore, Forex4you hosts contests and offers various discounts to its consumers on a regular basis. It’s also worth noting that, in order to prevent money laundering, all cash credited to the trading account can only be withdrawn using the payment system that was set up for the Deposit.

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