Baby Care 101: Try This Body Mist For A Better Appearance 

Most parents would agree that a newborn baby has a distinct addictive smell. It is fresh, sweet, and unlike anything else. Of course, since babies have sensitive skin, you might not prefer using fragrant products during the first few months. But a year or so down the line, you can easily introduce certain scents to your little one. Body mists for babies help improve your precious munchkin’s mood and alertness. It can even take the mother-baby bonding to the next level.

The most crucial step is to invest in products specifically created for babies. Then, pick a gentle fragrance that has natural ingredients and is free from harmful chemicals but offers a feeling of freshness, nonetheless. So, this blog will guide you on tips for choosing a baby fragrance, its benefits, vital ingredients, and things to avoid.

How to choose products specifically crafted for babies?

You should look at the ingredients list while buying products for your baby. After all, knowing the item’s formulation and history would ease your worry while using it.

Ingredients may vary from one product to the other. But most contain plant-based elements- for example, honey extract, flower extract, and fruit extract, to name a few. In addition, the fragrance should be IFRA-certified.

Most importantly, if someone in your family is allergic to a particular scent, it is best to avoid it. Further, choose a brand that has a good reputation for selling products with natural ingredients. These brands tend to follow the strictest safety guidelines when manufacturing mists for babies.

Six ways fragrance can boost your baby’s development

Several studies have proved how scents play a vital role in developing a baby’s early skills and bonding with family members. So let’s explore six well-known benefits.

1. Stimulation of senses

The senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing, and sight are crucial. Newborns can’t see very well, but their senses of smell play a role in getting familiarized with the environment. In addition, since smell has a direct connection to the brain, it stores memories. Research suggests introducing your little one to a fragrance for babies can help stimulate these abilities further.

2. Scents also encourage sleep

You can consider associating a fragrance as a part of the nighttime routine. Slowly, your baby will relate the scent in the massage oil or bath products with sleep. Then, it will settle down to get ready for sleep whenever it senses the same. What’s the benefit? Babies who associate a smell with bath and nighttime routine often cry less after their bath and while getting ready to sleep.

3. Enhances the bonding between parents and the baby

Unbelievably, the baby may recognize you with his sense of smell while asleep with its eyes perfectly closed. So yes, a sense of smell helps the baby form a bond with parents, especially mothers. They can recognize their mothers by just a scent alone.

4. Scent can lower stress levels

A study conducted by researchers from the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin highlighted something that only a mother can relate to. Babies exposed to a scented product showed more positive engagement and lower stress levels with parents post-bath times.

If your baby’s age is six months or above, we highly recommend Mamaearth’s Bouncy Black Currant Body Mist. This travel-friendly product contains the goodness of black currant, making your baby feel and smell fresh. In addition, the water in it will keep your baby’s skin moisturized and act as a lubricant on the baby’s skin, making it appear smooth and supple.

5. The poop explosion!

Poop explosion results in something more than merely soiled clothes. You may or might not be able to change the little fellow’s garments immediately. Even if you do so, the smell will continue circulating for hours. For such situations, the baby massage oil will undoubtedly come in handy. It masks odor and keeps the little angel fresh for longer.

6. Enhances baby’s sensory experiences

Ever thought why your grandmother’s home-cooked dinner or brother’s leather jacket reminds you of some childhood memories? Perhaps, those fragrances take you back to your childhood memories. But like in the case of adults, body mists work as more vital cues to evoke memories in babies.

Ever wondered why? The answer is simple. Aromas can quickly reach the parts of the brain responsible for storing memories. Thus, babies with developing eyes can use smells to familiarize themselves with the world.

Is this true that fragrances for adults can be intense for a baby’s nose?

Undoubtedly, the baby’s environment must remain as safe as possible. Most fragrant products for adults contain certain chemicals that can prove harmful to the baby’s tender senses. Their persistent use can only cause more issues.

These poor-quality products can also trigger allergic reactions, irritate the skin, and interfere with hormone functions. They can also cause nausea, restlessness, dizziness, headaches, and migraine-like symptoms in toddlers.

Here’s our suggestion for a busy mom

Undoubtedly, your squishy cutie will attract all the attention. But even mothers deserve a confident and sociable look. A simple winged eyeliner can help signify confidence and power. In addition, your eyelids deserve safe ingredients like almond oil and castor oil. Mamaearth’s Soothing Waterproof Eyeliner offers just that. It is safe for daily use and stays for at least ten hours.

It is ophthalmologically tested and does not trigger irritation. It lets you safely sport the eyeliner look every day. With a 10-minute drying time and a 10-hour stay, the soothing eyeliner offers a deep, defined look. Get the classic look by applying along the lash line from the inner to the outer corner. Then, extend a bit more to create a winged eyeliner look.


You should choose cotton as the best breathable fabric for your baby’s clothes. Then comes a lightweight stroller and a reliable car seat in the list of your choices. You will also review and choose the best preschool when the time comes. Again, the intention is to select the safest and best options for your bundle of joy. Then why not make the same approach when buying body mist for your baby?

Choose a product with natural ingredients like Mamaearth’s product. Say NO to perfumes with potentially harmful elements like alcohol, phenoxyethanol, and parabens. The fragrance should also be hypoallergenic. If you wish to avoid all the risks, the best and safest way is to buy Black Currant Body Mist for babies from Mamaearth. All Mamaearth products, including its winged eyeliner, are ‘Made Safe Certified’ and highly trustworthy.