AWS DevOps And Enterprise Practice: The Growing Path of High-potential Technical Managers     

Module 1: The Panorama of Technology Management

In VUCA era, with the rapid development of Internet technology enterprises, the demand for technical managers in the whole industry is increasing. For the rapidly changing Pan-Internet industry, opportunities are everywhere. On one hand, the majority of Internet technical managers are growing rapidly. On the other hand, they badly need the guidance of systematic methodology.

The traditional management method of “carrot and stick” is out of date. How to stimulate employees’ creativity and ego drive has become the core demand of team development. However, the growth speed of managers cannot match the business development speed. How to help them grow into qualified technical managers under high pressure is an urgent problem to be solved.

This course mainly answers a common and basic question of new managers: what should be paid attention to in management and what managers should do.

The course helps managers to sort out their own role, solve the puzzles of leaders who are technical IC before and pay attention to the transformation of their thinking patterns. It also helps them to think about and dissect the problems in the management work from the perspective of managers. At the same time, the course provides elements and methods that can be operated in the management work. These can directly have an effect on the common management topics that perplex the technical managers, such as: how to motivate employees? How to improve employee’s initiative in their work?

Module 2: Practical Method of Efficient Technical Team Management

Most technical managers are technical personnel before changing into managers, and lack systematic knowledge learning and practice of management. They are more likely to have simple binary cognition and lead the team based on their own thoughts. Thus they may encounter many challenges. This course provides managers with the most basic management methods, which are easy to apply and can make managers quickly reach the qualified level. 

A very useful certification must be mentioned here. That is the AWS DevOps certification

The AWS DevOps certification helps to cultivate high-potential technical managers. Managers with the certificate are able to involve in automating infrastructure using code. DevOps managers can help their organizations minimize infrastructure costs.

For example, a DevOps manager might write a script that spins up extra servers during peak time, then spins those servers down when business is slow to save money.

  • The certification requires both extensive infrastructure knowledge and extensive scripting knowledge.
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Module 3: Using OKR to Improve the Value of Management

For today’s enterprises, regardless of the scale and development stage , they need to face the challenges of rapidly changing market demand, fast technological updates and a steady flow of cross-border players. Sometimes it is difficult for enterprises to figure out who their competitors are and what is the right thing to do.  Setting correct goals and strategies becomes much harder.

In such an environment, it is impossible for an enterprise to make a strategic plan at the beginning of the year, and then complete the plan step by step in the year to achieve the company’s goals. If the enterprise decides to do so, in the end of the year it will find that it has spent a year of inefficiency- wasting a lot of time on low value or wrong things, and may have missed many opportunities.

In this context, the methods that can help enterprises and teams better manage their goals, embrace changes, and activate the initiative and enthusiasm of employees stand out. OKR is one of the methods that can meet the needs of enterprises. This course will answer how to make OKR, how to improve the quality of OKR, what the difference between KPI and OKR is, and how to avoid mistaking KPT for OKR. It will combine rich practical cases to help you to master the OKR method and apply it to your own team.

Module 4: Implementation of Leadership from Third Person Perspective

Management is not only a science, but also an art. It is the most valuable creation in the field of sociology. In the West, The Whiz Kids once led the economic revival with the power of management. Management is not only the practice of some methods, but also a comprehensive system of psychology, brain science, philosophy, religion and scientific research. This course hopes to help you understand what management and leadership are from the third person perspective realize the implementation of leadership through some specific methods and tools.

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