You will be surprised what treasures can turn up in your jewellery box if you need fast cash. Whether broken, or unwanted, your jewellery can bring you loads of money at Melbourne pawnbrokers.

At your local pawnshop, you get a faster and more convenient way to sell gold jewellery compared to other options. For example, you can sell your jewellery at a yard sale, but it is time-consuming, and you will get paid less. Or you can use a mail-in service offering a meagre rate with not such a good customer service.

When you visit a pawnbroker, you deal with a pro as they can provide you with an accurate value for your gold. Hence, you get the most for your jewellery pieces. So, if you want to get an excellent deal for gold selling at a local pawnshop, here is how you do it.

Do Your Homework

Not all jewellery has a high value or is in demand. So, save yourself the aggravation to research the gold jewellery you have. For example, consider if it is fake jewellery as these pieces are not in demand. Also, examine the purity and karat of your gold and precious stones.

Look at the current market value for precious metals like silver or gold. Finding out the information is easy as the info will come into play by taking your gold items to a local pawnshop. But, first, find out the karat as it is how gold purity is measured.

The higher the karat, the more value it has. You can find a stamp on the jewellery item to indicate the karat. Then, look up the current market value of your precious metal to get an idea of what you can be offered.

Another consideration is how popular the brand of gold jewellery you have. For example, you may have a designer piece or a rare piece worth more. With a fine selection of jewellery, it is ready to sell. It translates to faster cash for the dealer and a higher offer to you.

Why a Pawnshop is the Best Buyer for You

When you sell gold items to the public through a website or a jewellery shop, risks are always attached. The reason is there is very little regulation keeping you protected from fraud. However, when you sell to Melbourne pawnbrokers, you deal with professional experienced dealers complying with local and federal laws.

Furthermore, pawn dealers is in the mainstays of communities and treat every customer fairly. Whether you have gold, silver, or platinum jewellery for authentic gems, a pawn shop will buy your items from you.

You can even get an offer on broken jewellery but keep in mind the evaluation of scrap gold is based on its purity and weight. The reason is that when your jewellery cannot be repaired, it will be melted down.

Still, each pawn dealer has its own way of determining the value of gold jewellery. So, before visiting a local pawn shop, drop them an email or call them to request information on how they appraise jewellery before buying.

While getting the highest possible offer takes time, it is worth the effort, in the end, to get cash in hand.

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