Are CBD Products Effective for Psoriatic Arthritis?

CBD can effectively manage pain associated with psoriatic arthritis. Given that psoriatic arthritis is a painful and intolerable condition, you may opt to use organic compounds that help minimize the severe side effects of the condition.

According to research, CBD products effectively reduce pain and inflammation from chronic conditions such as psoriatic arthritis.

What is the Best CBD product for psoriatic arthritis?


Perhaps the most popular form of CBD products that are out in the market today are the CBD tinctures. Most reputable CBD brands such as Botanicam sell potent CBD tinctures. You will need a dropper to put a couple of drops of the CBD product under your tongue.

This method of consumption is referred to as sublingual, which allows the cannabinoids to enter your bloodstream through the nerves under your tongue and travels through your blood to affected joints.


You can also take CBD in the form of capsules, which is a great way to add CBD to your daily routine. In this case, you can treat CBD capsules as your dietary supplement, so keep in mind that their dosage may be less than that of tinctures. You can search for CBD capsules online and make your order today.

CBD Concentrates

There are a variety of CBD concentrates in the market today working for psoriatic arthritis. Compared to tinctures and capsules, concentrates tend to contain the strongest dosage of CBD. They are also quite convenient to take because, like tinctures, you need to place the concentrate under your tongue, ingesting it slowly. If you are after a CBD product with high potency, you should go for CBD concentrates.

CBD Topical

CBD products now also come in topical forms or those that you can apply externally, such as lotions, creams, and balms. Most of the topical CBD solutions are intended to treat skin conditions such as psoriatic arthritis and eczema. Topical CBD products can also be found in skin care products and makeup. But apart from skin conditions, topical CBD products are also effective in treating chronic pain brought about by arthritis and inflammation.


Finally, for psoriatic arthritis, you can also find various CBD products intended to be inhaled. Statistics show that many people no longer prefer to vape CBD products because CBD vape oil seems to have more effect than the other CBD types. However, some argue that in vaping CBD oil there are fewer drawbacks, such as inconsistent absorption or a delayed effect. Just bear in mind that if you intend to vape CBD oil, you need the proper gear such as an e-cigarette, some cartridges, or a vape pen. As soon as you add the vape oil, you need to heat it and inhale the vapor.

What should you consider when selecting the best CBD product for psoriatic arthritis?

When it comes to buying CBD for psoriasis, the choice will depend on a range of factors, including:


The more CBD in the product, the more expensive it will be. The amount of CBD will be shown in milligrams on the packaging of the product. You can also check the potency of the CBD product from the certificate of analysis.

Cannabinoids present

CBD isolate is cheaper, while full-spectrum CBD is more expensive. It can be pricier if the product is high in other cannabinoids, such as cannabigerol (CBG).

Other ingredients

A CBD-infused brownie made with expensive ingredients, for example, will also be more expensive. Most manufacturers include other essential ingredients which add aroma or increase the potency of the CBD product. Thus if you want a potent product with higher medicinal value, select a product with multiple ingredients.

CBD Brand

Some brands are cheaper than others, but this doesn’t necessarily make their products inferior. Ensure; however, you settle for a reputable brand with a good reputation in processing and selling high-quality products.

A good brand should also provide a certificate of analysis prepared by a reliable third-party laboratory. The brand should not also issue false medical claims on its products.

The Certificate of Analysis

Another essential aspect to check when purchasing CBD products online is the certificate of analysis (COA). The report states the potency of the CBD product and the cannabinoids contained in the compound. Some other vital elements in the COA include:

  • Contaminants- the COA show the contaminant profile of the CBD product, such as insecticides or heavy metals.
  • The type of CBD product can either be isolated, full-spectrum, or broad-spectrum.
  • Ingredients-the COA should comprehensively also state the ingredients contained in the CBD product.

What is the Correct CBD dosage for psoriatic arthritis?

When taking CBD for psoriatic arthritis, start with a small amount, like 5 or 10 mg. Gradually increase it after a week, if needed, until your symptoms are a little better. You might want to keep a notebook and make a note of your symptoms along with the amount of CBD you’re using. It will help you figure out how much CBD you need for relief.

It’s hard to say exactly how many milligrams of CBD to use for psoriasis, as there have been no human trials testing it.  Before using CBD for psoriasis, it is recommended that you seek assistance from a qualified physician. The physician will recommend if CBD products will help in managing the severe symptoms of the disease.

Those with psoriatic arthritis tend to use more CBD daily to manage pain — usually 20 to 40 mg. Many people take more CBD during a flare-up, but it is wise to be cautious when taking these products.

Bottom line

CBD can work for your psoriatic arthritis and helps alleviate chronic pain and inflammation. However, the use of CBD products in managing psoriatic arthritis needs to be researched thoroughly, but there’s some evidence that suggests CBD might be able to treat the chronic condition.

If you have psoriatic arthritis, trying a CBD-based product might be a good idea. It’s important to talk to your doctor before trying CBD. Be sure to research the CBD brand before purchasing the product thoroughly.

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