Animal Crossing: New Horizons Winter Costume (Clothing) Style Tips

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers numerous items of clothing to be able to change our character based on the weather, the season and, why not, also based on our mood. Thanks to the vast assortment that we can find in Able Sister’s Store, in addition to the numerous ACNH costumes obtainable in other ways, the achievable combinations are endless.

Today we want to offer you six outfits to have fun together in finding the hottest combinations, to better face the coldest season of the year!

Look # 1 – Playing with the snow

Even in Animal Crossing the coldest time of the year has arrived, and finally our island has been colored entirely in white, thanks to the abundant snowfalls of these days. Let’s see together how to best deal with the harsh temperatures, taking full advantage of the vast selection of warm winter garments that Able Sister’s Store makes available to us.

From 11 December we will find two snow balls on our Animal Crossing island every day, with which to have fun building the cheerful Snowboy. For the occasion we have thought of very warm, comfortable and above all colorful clothing, to bring a breath of joy to the white that surrounds us! The equally colorful pompom hats will complete our look, making sure we keep our heads and ears warm. Let’s not forget the matching socks: even if under our heavy clothing they will not show that much, we must always know that we are in order and perfectly matched from head to toe!

Look # 2 – Walk around town

If instead of playing with the snow we prefer to take a walk in the city, we will have to put aside the warm and colorful sweaters and caps, to look for equally warm clothes including the ACNH 2.0 items, but more suitable for the city style, with a more sophisticated and decidedly more urban look. .

For our model we chose the timeless gray / black combination for a decidedly glamorous look, accentuated by the very elegant Felt hat Fedora (Gray) perfectly combined with a matching coat. In such a serious look, a fun element could not be missing such as the Funny-face socks (Black), all without compromising our outfit. For our model we have instead chosen decidedly more Christmas colors, such as red and white. Even in her case, all the garments she wore were carefully chosen to match perfectly and to give her a decidedly festive and very elegant look at the same time. Doesn’t it seem to you that the Rhinestone shades (Red) is made for this look?

If you also want a look suitable for a walk in the city, here are our suggestions for the most suitable accessories, all available at Able Sister’s Store.

Look # 3 – Home evening

Winter does not just mean walking outdoors, but also enjoying the warmth and intimacy of our home. What’s better than staying in sweet company on the sofa watching the contrast between the snow falling outside the window and the crackling of the fireplace, perhaps munching in the meantime a nice plate of fragrant and fragrant biscuits?

Even to stay at home, clothing should never be neglected, so green light is given to the most comfortable and warm items in our closet, but always matched to each other to make us always feel tidy and in place. Our model sports a very comfortable Mom’s hand-knit sweater (Stella), perfectly matched in colors to the rest of the outfit. The model, on the other hand, is entirely dressed in the warmest shades of pink and gray, complete with coordinated glasses and hair clips. And here they are, ready for one of the most relaxing evenings this winter can give us! If you too want to relax in the warmth of your cottage, here are our suggestions.

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