An Expert Guide to Fitting a Front Lace Wig


The world of wigs is wonderful. Whether it is colorful wig with rich colors or curly wigs with unique shapes, they are all impressive. Among all kinds of beautiful wigs, if you want to choose a wig that can give you the most natural look, then this wig must be the lace front wig.

You’ve probably seen those tiktoks of those 60 second wig setups. Of course, it’s nice to see some people blending wigs with their heads in minutes, making you think “I can really do this” (until it actually does). If these videos don’t help and you’re looking for concise and detailed content, this is the article for you. In this guide, we’ll go over the basic methods you can implement to successfully install a front lace wig from now on and start looking flawless and classy for any occasion or outing.

How to Fit Your Front Lace Wig

How to fit your lace front wig? Essentially, there are two basic ways to approach this problem – with glue and without glue, and we’ll examine both options later. However, before that, you must consider some preparations:

3 ways to straighten your hair

For flawless results, you need to have your natural hair flawless. If you skip this process, you may see some areas or units appear too high or too low on your head, which we must avoid. There are three ways to do this.

First, you can put your natural hair on the ears of corn. Fortunately, there are countless ear of corn patterns, so you can choose whichever works best for you. However, be sure to keep the ends from falling apart by bunching the ends together or by pinning them.

Second, if you have long hair, you can simply brush it back with hairspray or simply use gel. After applying these, gather it up to look like a low ponytail and secure the ends with bobby pins. Then, put on the wig cap.

Finally, if you’re confident in your braiding skills, why not just braid a few braids and secure them? Note that your hair must be very dry, conditioned and shampooed before doing any of these.

Using glue to install the front lace wig

Without a doubt, this is the best way to install a front lace wig as it provides greater security and longevity. Some of the things you’ll need include bobby pins, white eyeliner, alcohol pads, satin scarves, hairdryer, wig and stockings, and a comb.

After smoothing your hair, use a pad to clean your hairline to remove debris. Now you can put on a wig cap to hold your hair in place. Next, remove the wig and put it on your head. Make sure it complements your natural hairline. For wigs with adjustable straps, use it to secure the wig. Use the eyeliner to lightly point out where you want it to sit so you can understand the glue application process. Then, remove the excess lace and apply glue according to the direction of the eyeliner. Let it dry and press your lace into it. Clean off excess glue and tie a satin scarf to secure the hairline. After a few minutes (about 30 minutes), remove the scarf and style to your liking.

Install the lace front wig without glue.

Glueless lace front wigs are not unusual. For those allergic to wigs or in a hurry, the glue-free alternatives are still the most suitable. A typical glueless lace front wig has a safety comb with clips for more safety, elastic for securing, and tabs to keep the sides from lifting.

Begin the installation process by securing the ears as previously described. Apply wig clips and hats. Put on the wig, resize and secure with the wig and comb. Then cut the lace according to your hairline, apply the mouse, and style it to your liking.

With it, whether you want to go without glue or otherwise, you now have the necessary information to kill your front lace wig for your next outing.


Although installing lace front wig is not a difficult task, it must also take time and effort to study seriously. Whether it is watching wig installation tutorials on the Internet, or asking friends who teach wig installation, it is a good way to learn. Of course, if it is only in theory, it is difficult to really master the skills of wig installation. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Through continuous practice and practice, I believe that one day you will learn how to install lace front wig at home by yourself.

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