Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate: Examine This Certification from A to Z with Practice Tests

Having more skills and knowledge is essential to those individuals who want to progress as a specialist in the IT sphere. At the same time, it is pretty important to find a way to demonstrate and highlight your competence. The professional certificates are a great tool for this. If you are a Solutions Architect and plan to develop in this field, you may consider obtaining the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification. It validates the expertise of the candidates in designing fault-tolerant, available, cost-efficient, as well as scalable distributed systems on AWS. To get this, the applicants need to pass one exam, which is Amazon SAA-C02. Let’s take a quick glance at this sought-after certificate and its test.

Certification Requirements

The Amazon AWS Certifications certificate does not have any formal prerequisites. Due to this fact, this certification is available to anyone. However, the interested individuals are recommended to have at least 1 year of hands-on experience. Consequently, their expertise in designing and deploying secure and robust applications on AWS technologies is really important. Furthermore, this certification requires one’s knowledge of AWS global infrastructure.

Exam Overview

The Amazon AWS Certifications Exams has the time frame of 130 minutes. During this time, the professionals need to deal with 65 questions (multiple choice or multiple response). The passing score is 720 points out of 1000. The test is given in Japanese, English, Korean, as well as Simplified Chinese. The price for registration is $150. The individuals can take this exam as a proctored online option or at the nearest testing center.

Amazon SAA-C02 comes with several domains. It is better to get acquainted with them as early as possible. In this case, you may realize your weak and strong points as well as focus your further preparation on the specific areas. Here are the subject areas that are covered in this certification exam:

  • Designing High-Performing Architectures
  • Designing Resilient Architectures
  • Designing Cost-Optimized Architectures
  • Designing Secure Applications and Architectures

Preparation Process

Amazon SAA-C02 is a pretty difficult exam. Therefore, it requires thorough preparation. First of all, be sure to select the study tools that will help you in your hard path. The first thing you should think about is the official guide. You may find it on the certificate webpage. This book comes with information about the topics that are included in the test. It is a good starting point for your efficient preparation process. On the other hand, the professionals can explore the AWS whitepapers, FAQs, classroom training course, and mock exams. You may find all these resources on the vendor’s website. At the same time, the applicants can pay attention to the third-party platforms. They propose various additional materials (for instance, braindumps). All in all, make sure that you choose the tools that fit your learning needs.


The preparation process can be quite difficult and exhausting. But if you really want to achieve your goal, you can overcome the difficulties. First off, be sure to understand the requirements of your certification and its exam. Furthermore, it is quite important to realize your strengths and weaknesses. Besides that, try to select the resources that will suit your preferences. To sum it up, study hard and ace the SAA-C02 test to get the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification and add it to your resume.

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