Amazon AWS Certified Certbolt Solutions ArchitectProfessional Exam Basics and Value of Practice Tests During Preparation


Being up to date with technological trends helps one to stay digitally aware and relevant. That’s why with the latest technology in cloud computing, serious specialists should place themselves well for growth in the matter of career. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certificate is for those wishing to position themselves to reap greatly in this new space. But what is its affiliated exam all about? Learning some basics and the importance of practice tests when preparing would be magnificent for your success.

Exam Basics

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional caters to enthusiastic solutions architects or cloud engineers. Its aim is captured in the AWS SAP-C01 exam. This test signifies the skills concerning how the AWS systems are run and operated. Anyone attracted to this professional-level test must have garnered two years and above of action-based experience, with the prime focus being on the following:

  • Developing and executing applications running on AWS that link with the attributes of high availability, scalability, reliability, and fault-tolerance;
  • Selection of germane AWS certification in los angeles services needed for crafting and positioning an application established on stated requirements;
  • Moving composite& multi-layered applications on AWS;
  • Crafting in addition to the positioning of scalable applications that apply to the enterprise;
  • Executing procedures to aid in controlling cost.

The testing period for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam is 3 hours and regards MCQs and items needing the selection of multiple answers. The least eligible grade is 750, while the maximum is 1000 points. Plus, registration demands $300. How then can an aspiring individual manage to get the stated mark? Next, we’ll answer this inquiry by covering the value of practice tests during preparation. 

How Valuable Practice Tests Are When Preparing for Official SAP-C01?

Having a significant way of stimulating studies is highly encouraged. Practice tests simplify learning and furnish an exam-taker by ensuring the retention of the test content. Apart from these obvious benefits arising from practice, this is why candidates should use practice tests for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional validation:

  • Practice tests promote the mastery of topics and draw attention to those areas that the user is yet to hone;
  • They minimize anxiety since the candidates will already be exposed to the nature of the test they are expecting;
  • Mocks encourage familiarity with the testing system, especially where equipment is similar to what is going to be used during actual testing. That’s why candidates revising for the official exam should familiarize themselves with the VCE or ETE Exam Simulators;
  • Practice questions support intense learning and successful retrieval of information during the test;

  • Mock tests are into setting you to grasp time management and complete the official validation before the given time elapses. 


For the sake of a magnificent display of skills, taking the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam is good to go. For a favorable result, rehearse with practice tests. Still, you can also fortify your revision with courses, experiential labs, and revision books. If your style during prep is proper, then a good score is for sure realizable.

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