All you need to know about the Weighing Machine

Numerous times, we are curious about our weight or the weight of the items around us; that is where a weighing machine comes into place. The weighing machine is a device used to measure the mass and weight of items and human beings. Moreover, they are mostly used in hospitals to know the weight of patients. Companies also get to know the mass of the objects they sell.

In this article, we will discuss essential details everyone should know about the weighing device.

Types of weighing machines

There are two widely used types of weighing machines. They are; analytical and precision devices. Moreover, they are the most preferred machines because they measure smaller masses than the average scale.

Analytical machine

It is the most precise and accurate as it measures up to 0.0001g. It is capable of measuring very small masses because of its readability. In addition, it is normally used alongside an anti-vibration table to increase accuracy.

Precision machine

This weighing machine measures up to the nearest 0.1g-0.001g. It has a high capacity, and in addition to that, it can measure mass from hundreds of grams to kilograms.

Uses of a weighing machine

They are mostly used by professionals to; determine density, formulation, measuring samples, purity analysis, and the quality control testing. They are widely used in; schools, pharmacies and industries.


It is also known as recipe calculation. In addition, it is a weighing device found on advanced analytical and precision machines. Just as the name suggests, it allows the user to store, add and calculate the ingredients’ weight and gives a total weight value.

It is applied in pharmaceutical laboratories, food production, research and development laboratories, beer brewing and paint mixing.

Density determination

The mathematical way of calculating density by dividing the mass of an object by its volume can be tedious and time-consuming at times. Therefore it is correct to say that density can be determined by using faster and more accurate machines.

Parts counting

Instead of using the traditional way of using the human hand to count the parts of a batch, which results in an error, most of the time, we can use machines to count the parts of the batch in packaging industries which is easier, faster and more accurate.

Dynamic weighing

It is used to weigh the weight of moving animals.

Importance of using a weighing machine

We already know where these machines are used, but knowing the importance of the key reason for using them will not harm us. In formulation, for example, they help us know the exact amount of ingredients so as not to put the excess. It will help balance the ingredients in a recipe used to prepare a meal.

In addition, these machines are also useful in industries to measure the output of items. It helps maximize the output and even records to monitor the industry’s productivity.


Just as other machines make work easier, weighing machines do the same and are helpful in this world.