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ACNH How To Move In Water – Methods of Capturing Creatures In Water

by Levi

Recently, players who play the game of Animal Crossing are asking, how to move in the water? In the latest version of ACNH, we can dive, but many players are asking how to get into the water and how to catch creatures in the water without using Animal Crossing bells. For these problems, here are the methods of ACNH diving and water movement. Let’s have a look!

How To Move In The Water In ACNH

We know that after the character wears his equipment, he can press the “a” button on the beach to enter the sea. In fact, there are two ways to enter the sea. One is at the shore (wharf, airport and Cape on the island). Let the character face the sea and press the “a” button to jump into the water!

The other is that the character presses the “a” button when running and jumps into the water. At this time, the character will turn around in the air. It’s very handsome! In addition, the jumping distance of this action will be longer than simply pressing the “a” button, so this diving method can approach marine creatures faster. The doctor told everyone: the wharf and Cape are the nearest diving places to marine life. You can usually see the bubbles of marine life immediately. It is a very good diving place!

Water movement

After launching, we need to move in the water. In fact, there are three ways to move on the water.

  • The first is the rocker movement, which is the slowest, but will not scare away marine life.
  • The second is to press the “a” button to move. This operation is to make the character kick the water faster than the rocker- Finally, continuously press the “a” button to move. This operation will make the character swim with hands and feet, which is the fastest and most easy to scare away marine creatures. If you are looking to buy cheap ACNH items, goldkk could be a best option.
  • Capture creatures as for capturing marine creatures, we just move the character to a place with bubbles, and then press the “Y” key to let the character dive into the water to catch marine creatures. When diving, the movement mode is the same as that on the water. It is also divided into three actions and speeds, that is, rocker, pressing and holding the “a” button and pressing the “a” button continuously.

Among them, we still have some skills in catching rare marine organisms (such as king foot beetle, high foot crab, sea pig, giant tridactyla, etc.). When on the water, use the rocker to move and slowly approach them until we move above them, then dive into the water and press the “a” button continuously. The success rate is still OK.

In addition, when moving, marine organisms will run back when they are about to touch the boundary. Using this principle, we can induce rare marine creatures to move towards the boundary. When we can see the boundary, we will dive into the water to chase it. Half of it will run back. At this time, we can easily catch them!

Generally speaking, the shadow of rare marine organisms is relatively large, and they are more alert to human beings. The general marine life is usually a shadow that can’t move, and there are many bubbles. Pearls have few bubbles, and the shadow area is small. You can tell by observing more.

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